Kmart Stores / management.

3020 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO, US

When I was first hired, management spent as little time as possible training me. Beyond using the pricing gun, nothing was shown. Excluding the compliance videos, on how to keep an isle clear for the handicapped. And then they would rather chew someone out due to lack of knowledge on things such as taking off the security tags, how to price check, or anything of the sort than lend a hand. Mark, the ASS. mang. refuses to get up to help his associates when it is needed but is fine shouting over the walkie-talkies when anyone makes a mistake.

I have since quit, but I know this is still going on. It is an extremely toxic working environment and I pity anyone who's still under the tyrannical, [censor] rule of those [censor]. They stand as a prime example as to why the store is failing.

Nov 19, 2017

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