Kmart / lazy mexican employees

Holyoke, MA, United States

I went to this store to purchase some basic needs, on 4/26/12 at approximately 2pm. Upon entry I notice several mexican employees doing nothing but talking to each other, while there are 2 long lines at the registers. I asked for assistance in finding a flashlight and was told by a barely English speaking mexican that it was "Over There" as she pointed in a general direction of the back of the store. She did not provide an isle number or any more specific locations, she was more concerned with socializing in spanish with other employees. After searching the back for several minutes I had to ask another employee who was nice enough to bring to the isle where they were. No where near the "Over There" direction that I was previously given. When I attempted to purchase my items the 2 long lines at the register were even longer, 1 mexican cashier was joking around with another mexican the other was just standing there aparently waiting for some management type. More mexican workers standing around socializing with each other and ignoring the customers who were trying to purchase and get out of the store in a timely manner. After 10 minutes waiting for ANYONE in the store to do something to get the lines moving, I left the items I was going to purchase and walked out. Target Holyoke has better employees anyways.

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