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Kmart And Kmarts Smart Plan / dvd player and smart plan

1 10111 oak dr, Hudson, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 7278570865

I purchased a portable dvd player and the"smart plan" for it. So if something went wrong with it, then it was covered and would be replaced at no cost to me. After all that is why I purchased the plan. I have all my receipts for it also by the way. I have been trying to get help through this company for months on end and have had nothing but would I would describe as lousy customer service. Let me mention that my niece works for kmart in the electronics dept. But I purchased it from another employee named casandra that day as my niece laura was off that day. Well needless to say after a few weeks, for some reason, the screen would not come on anymore. O. K... No problem right? Wrong!!!... As an employee of kmart my niece has to sit through a smartplan meeting through the smartplan company. They are supposed to cover the cost of it to be shipped back to them, not i, the customer. It even states it in there brochure. Not only did this company not have a copy of their own newest brochure, ny niece had to fax them their own brochure!!! Is that not crazy? Well we certainly thought so. My neice has tiyed to get this solved for me but with no luck. So... Ok... They said alright we will send you a new return label that will have postage already. So, today I go to the post office here where I live in hudson, florida, and the postal guy says... That will be $8. 63... I was like... No its supposed to be taken care of by the label they sent me to put on the package... The mans like... Mam the totals $8. 63 are you paying the postage due or not? Now with a large line of people lookin at me like a complete #... Rather than be embaressed any further I just paid it... I will never make a purchase from kmart again. They should have a reliable company for their customers. It may not be kmarts fault but they choose to use this company. I have yet to have this resolved.

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  • Ms
      12th of Nov, 2015
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    The Kmart smart plan is the PITTS. They donot want to give you the form of payment in which you purchased the product. I purchased a Xbox 360 Kinect they no longer carry them so I can't purchase another. I should have the option to have return monies placed back on my credit card so I may go somewhere else and purchase another or something equal in value for my grandson. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN FROM KMART NO TVS, NOTHING ELECTRONIC!!!WALMART IS THE PLACE TO GO NO PROBLEMS WITH GETTING YOUR MONIES BACK!!!

  • Wy
      29th of Sep, 2015
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    Here is the only thing i can get back from buying into the Purchase of the KSMART PLAN the lesson of not buying into K-Mart or Sears again. NOT ONE CENT TO SEARS OR KMART AGAIN. Lesson learned, I can't belive that at one time I worked for Kmart and they had a thing about refunding to any complaint. Later I worked for Sears as a service man and all the time they harped about trying to sell these insurance plans. They didn't ever like my work because I felt I was hired as a Service person and was good at that, not selling scams. So I never sold one that I can remmber. I feel very good about that today.

  • Tw
      19th of Nov, 2012
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    inverness, fl k-mart, bought diehard 19.2 drill at k-mart, not sears, in June 2012, they sold me the replacement plan for $ 8.99 plus $40 for the drill. today it went bad 11/19/2012, go to k mart to replace it. they dont replace things. had to call the smart plan number. they send me a UPS shipping label i box up the drill send it back and they send me a k mart gift card for $40, instead of a replacement, if i want a replacement, that drill now costs $79.95 so thats $40 more plus their replacement gift card. sounds a little like false and deceptive advertising to me, needless to say k-mart has lost any future business from me and i will tell everyone i know, what sleazy tactics they use and tomorrow will see about makeing a consumer complaint with tallahassee

  • Ga
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    I agree with you. I purchased the smart plan for the Wii console and remotes. After one month, one of the remotes stopped working. It took me 3 weeks to speak with a live person. Then another 2 weeks to get the return label to me. First it was going to be sent to me via email, never received it. Called and said this is a scam as I have not received promoised return label. Low and behold, within 3 days had a return label in my PO Box. I packaged it up and went to the local UPS dealer and it cost me $2.89 extra to send it back. I have not received my monies of $39.99 for the remote yet and its been almost 5 weeks!!! NEVER AGAIN..WILL JUST TAKE MY CHANCE ON THE NEXT PURCHASE if there will be another next time with KMart. I am getting my Wii stuff from Wal-Mart now.

  • Ho
      24th of Dec, 2009
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    kmarts - 2,500 gift card
    South Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 864-882-1302

    what a scam false advertising

  • Va
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    Kmart associates are pressured to sell this item as it is a great money maker for Kmart. Unfortunately, this insurance is VERY difficult for a customer to get a legitimate problem fixed and it creates animosity toward KMart. Since KMart's name is on the paperwork, the customer gets the false sense of security that if their item breaks or fails it will be replaced in a quick and professional manner. This is NOT true.

    The Kmart "smart plan" is a cheap insurance plan that "claims" to offer repair or replacement for items purchased at Kmart that fail or break.

    Anyone considering purchasing the "Kmart Smart Plan" should be advised. IF they approve your return or replacement, the minimum turn around time for this is more than 30 days.

    Although many Kmart associates may tell you that this insurance plan is easy and simple, this is not true. Most Kmart associates have no idea of the process.

    Since this "insurance" is covered by an outside company, all returns and replacements are handled by a series of phone calls to Kmart Smart Plan center. You will need to prepare yourself for a couple hours on the phone.

    You will probably be denied at first by the "smart plan" folks and you may have to call a customer support number for the company of the item you purchased. (for example: if you purchased a littermaid box - you'll have to call littermaid)

    Once you have been denied, you can try calling "smart plan" and begging for a return. They may give an ok, if they do, then they will send you a UPS tag.

    You will then need to package up the item at YOUR OWN COST and can use the tag they e-mail you to send the item back to them.

    Then you can wait about a week until they get the item and then you will be told that it will take an additional 10-15 days to get a gift card back to Kmart. Once you get the gift card, you can go shopping again at Kmart.

    If you purchased a tv - then no tv for 30+ days. If you purchased a refrigerator, then you have to eat out for 30+ days. If you purchased an electric litter box, then you get to scoop kitty pooh for 30+ days. - Get the idea?

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