KLMklm ticket counter at kuala lumpur & klm customer care europe.

My Vietnamese Partner and I travelled with KLM (for the first and only time on 18th December 2016), and with many other Airlines we regularly use.

This time with KLM at the KLM Ticket counter at kuala lumpur after going on-line to confirm our booking and printing out our boarding passes we only wished to have them take our luggage etc and check everything was good to go, nothing more we thought.?

Unlike all other Airlines we used on this trip (Jet Star, Cathay Pacific, Air Asia etc) the ground ticket crew put us through horrendous humiliating and embarrassing questioning in front many lined up customers and staff. We were treated we feel like criminals!

We brought this up with the manageress over the Ticket counter at KLM and she was very unfriendly and rude, very dismissive etc!

The Male steward on the flight suggested we speak to his manageress who attempted with her poor English and writing / typing skills type out a complaint. This was on 18th December 2016 and by the 8th January 2017 we had heard nothing in the way of a reply.

Ignored we contacted their KLM President via email (Mr Pieter Elbers who could not be troubled to email even from one of his staff) and yet entered KLM so called 'customer care Europe' with the unbelievable Dismissive attitude saying 'From your account there appears to have been a misunderstanding' well the male steward of KLM who said it was not their policy did not think so!

How can a customer be treated with such contemptuous attitude and humiliated in front of many fellow passengers and staff at an Airport ? Especially as No Other Airline ever treated us as they did! How can a 'Customer care' unit so readily dismiss our concerns with indifference in a way that added to the harrowing abuse we were subject to!?

This is inexcusable and yet this 'customer care Europe' man at KLM did everything he could to excuse this behaviour stating policy no other airline have ever used with us ever.

KLM WE are valued customer NOT Criminals ! Sadly Not Valued by KLM! We Will Never fly with KLM ever again and be humiliated and embarrassed as Your staff chose to do to us Publicly!

Jan 12, 2017

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