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myself and my partner decided to book a weekend away to amsterdam as a second honeymoon but now im begining to wish i hadn't
it started fine on the klm website booking our flights until we got near the end and the website froze convieniently after it had got payment details. so i checked my online banking to find that the payment had been made upon wich we contacted klm to be told that the booking was cancelled we reported that they had my payment but they denied it i however recieved a confirmation email to state that my booking was confirmed for the 5th march 2010 we again phone klm to tell them again we were told that the booking was cancelled because we did not complete the online bookingthey again told us to disregard the email and that no money had been transfered so after banging my head on a brick wall for over an hour i left it at that 3 days later the money was back in my account so i thought the matter was closed ..
my partner and me really wanted to go to amsterdam so we decided to try again and booked the flights online without incident we were overjoyed that we sucseeded in booking our flights we recieved the cofirmation email and our e tickets no problems ... we were glad that we managed to get our flights cheaoer the second time £295.80 a difference of 48 pounds we thought great ...
however 2 days later klm decided to take the original booking payment of £343.80 from my accountwhen we phone to complain we were told that they would refund the lesser payment of £295.80 back to me but it would take up to 3-4 weeks wich is a joke .
after being on the phone to klm for over 4 hours i decided to ask for compensation from them for all the hassle as they admit it was there fault and was told i would have to speak to customer care dept.upon requesting the number as it is not listed anywhere i was told that there was not one ...i thought that was a bit strange a company the size of klm not having a customer service phone line so i asked the women i spoke to at reservations how to contact them they said i would have to write an email again i asked her how its possible to have an email address but no phone service she couldn't comment on klms technical department so to sum up i have been told i will get a refund of the lesser amount but it will take 3-4 weeks..and if i want anysort of compensation i would have to talk to customer services wich does not exist beware of klm they are a bunch of con men who just want to take your money there service is appauling they customer services is non existent the staff at reservations are as freindly as an angry warthog i am most displeased with klm and will never again fly with them so beware ...

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  • Ai
      11th of Feb, 2010

    More and more airlines are relying on email to handle customer complaints - not only KLM. Don't expect to get anything once you get a response though - there are no "damages" here. I will agree with you though; something sounds very off here. Have KLM explain to you in writing how they figure they can reinstate a booking once they have told you it is canceled.

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