Kirby vacumes / RIP OFF

5711 Industry Lane, Suite # 1 Frederick, MD 21704, Frederick, MD, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 2406298513

I had worked for this company for about a month and half. At first I loved every one they all seemed great. Our job was to sell amazing vacuums its more of a home maintenance Manichean. I fell in love with the boss. We were to go house to house and sell. On more then one occasion I had noticed that my purse had been gone though. Never any money was missing, until one day one of the canvasser Simonne Carrier though it was okay to just take what every she wanted. With the claiming she though it was okay! ( we were not allowed to bring out purse door to door with us)
When I had called her out on her "mistake" she promised she would make it right and even said that "the boss" would make sure of it... weeks gone by and still nothing to say the least I am out a slum of cash, and the police said there is nothing they can do.. I would not work or do business with the "D.O.N factory outlet" they will rip off any one they can. They make false promise about payment and its never revived.
Please learn from my mistake all!

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