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Lie about employment!

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Dyro Productions
16920 Park Row
Houston, Texas
United States
I saw an ad on craigslist for a Customer Service Representative position. It stated that you will make a salary of 2200 a month. Seeing as how I needed employment like yesterday, I of course called the number in the ad. I went in for the interview and the man didn't ask me anything about my work history or anything like a normal interview, but i kept my hopes up because my need for a job stat! He told me that they don't hire on the spot but he gave me a number for a Vanessa and told me to call at 3:30pm. I went home and waited, and when I called back and asked for Vanessa the receptionist sounded confused and asked what the nature of the call was. I told her and she said "congratulations, we would like to offer you a position with our company". I was so excited that I got the job and that I would be starting the next day.

My first day of orientation was confusing, the douche bag that was doing the training was talking in circles, and went over pay. Me and the 15 other applicants were all confused and just wanted some answers, but all he did was talk out of his ###. I went to the next day I learned that we would be selling Kirby Vacuum cleaners and that the paid training that was advertised was not actually paid...upfront. You would receive this training pay after 15 demonstrations and reciting 20 questions. I thought no problem, since we were all told that the appointments would already be set for us, why would we have a problem getting our demos done. Day 3 of training comes along and we have to fill out forms...I was skeptical because the forms stated that you weren't an actual employee of Dyro Productions and that you had to file your own taxes and all this bullsh*t. And thats the day we learned that we wouldnt be making the 2200 unless we did 60 demos in a month...which I was still under the impression that they made for you, even though on the first day the crooked mouth having trainer Justin told us that it was guaranteed monthly! They go on and on about this bullsh*t and illusions of being paid at least 1000 every week and how if you dont, no problem because you will get your 2200, but then they say "I have never seen the boss have to write a check for the 2200" yeah because no one makes 60 f*cking demos in a month!

Anyways, Day 4 is my first day in the "field". We start our day off in some "motivational" meeting where the owner Daniel Blalock talks about how much better he is than everyone else and how "even girls can do it"! WTF man, as a female I was offended! Then an hr and a half later, we get crammed into some ghetto a** Explorer...oh which by the way isnt the company car that you are told you are going to be riding in, with some dirty a** man and this skanky little b*tch who was getting touched up on. Me and the girl that I had been through training with were very uncomfortable with the whole situation...especially when the ex con "team leader" dropped us off in the middle of bum f*ck nowhere and told us to go knock on doors! WTF was this sh*t, we were told that we would have appointments set for us! Anyways we get out and start knocking and get doors slammed in our faces left and right! We call to get picked up and the f*cker drops me off somewhere else! After a while more of knocking i call my sister and ask her to pick me up...I had to give her the address of the random a** house that I was standing in front of.

Those a**holes at Dyro need to be stopped, or at least be upfront about everything! I wasted time and money going back and forth to complete about 28hrs of training i never got paid for! I dont work for free, and neither do most of the people responding to their ad! If you see an ad on craigslist that advertises a customer service position and you get 2200 a month, dont waste your time with this pyramid scheme!
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A  29th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree with the complaints. I have been out of work for 6 months and at the point of being desperate for a job, any job. The local Job Center/Workforce Development agency has a listing for "appointment setters" for RTS Distributors LLC. I called today and they didn't even answer with the company name - I had to ask. I did end up with an interview - in a shady part of town. You know how something just doesn't feel right? I did some research before going and I found out LOADS of stuff. Fortunately, someone from my town had posted a complaint about them. After that, I did some more digging with the BBB here in the US. I found out that the Attorney General from Wisconsin pursued a consumer protection settlement with the 14 RTS Distributor LLC offices here and in Minnesota that required them to pay $56, 428 for unfair and deceptive business practices. One of the things was "Failing to properly identify themselves and the purpose of their contact in telephone, mail, or in-home solicitations." That's exactly what happened to me. The list goes on from there about the action that the AG took against these "distributors." I called back to cancel the interview and again they never identified themselves - I had to ask. I canceled the "interview" and they never bothered to ask my name or why I wanted to cancel - apparently they have been through this before!! I am SO lucky I did a little research beforehand. I know the economy is rough, but I hope others take a little time to research the company they may be applying with - it may save you in the end. Remember you're interviewing them just as much as they're interviewing you - DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

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