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I have being playing bubble witch saga for sometime now and have paid for lives but the game takes the lives i paid for and 6000 coins. I have tried to complain to but nobody has got back to me in over a month.

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  • Ni
      Apr 16, 2013

    Fixing to delete this game. I get so mad when I have a certain amount of bubbles left in my cauldron at the end and less than half pop out to bring up my final score. That's just an example. What a rip off. This happens every time I'm to the end. I never get the same amount of bubbles as my cauldron says even when I buy extra. Wasting my $ and ripping people off!!! I spend money with this app frequently and i'm not getting what I pay for. I have no problem putting a few $ into a game but if I cannot get the benefits of the money I put into this entertainment I will quit playing and I will recomend to everyone I know to quit playing. I am also turning this over to facebook authorities.

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  • La
      Jul 17, 2015

    This game turned out to be quite the scam playing a level everyday that turns into weeks then months ridiculous . Also quite happy to take your money and still to no avail can you pass a level . Shame on King for putting these scamming games out there. You don't mind paying the odd few $$$$$ But it's to no avail. A money making grabbing game is all I call it. Frustrating Dissapointing The Public .

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  • Sc
      Dec 22, 2015

    Bubble witch Saga 2 ...big scam I deleted...too many other more important things to do. If you still play these games please don't spend money to do it ...honestly.

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  • Re
      Jun 28, 2016

    Useless annoying piece of ###
    I've struggled with this stupid game for month to years so far only to constantly fail and stay stucked at the same spot
    What a ###! I blocked this ###. Only wasted my time and nerves
    Don't ever try playing it
    It will only break the nerves of everyone who might try

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