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J Mar 29, 2018

Online Floral Order number 0295664, placed Mar 22, delivered Mar 23, attempted repaired Mar 24 by local Stroh Ranch King Soopers.

I got home from work to see this pathetic "restful" pillow for a funeral we had the next day (25 miles east of here). I called the Online help, they said to call Florist. I called Veldcamp's in Lakewood (25 miles WEST of here) who apparently handled the order. When I sent her a picture of the dying daisies and dying roses, she replied "yikes, that's horrible" and wanted me to bring them back for a repair. This would have been grossly inconvenient, which is why we ordered online in the first place! I decided to take them to local King Soopers, who were mortified at this dying pathetic thing. Devon, the floral manager replaced ALL of the daisies, added/replaced roses and it looked much better (certainly not a $233 piece though). It still did not stay upright on the stand though, so we had to lay it down on the alter and no one saw it anyway. Great.

I attempted to resolve this issue with your [protected] (floral) department. The first non speaking English employee gave me the wrong email to send a picture to, after I attempted to send off a complaint. The next one gave me the correct one. I sent a picture of the flowers. We got a call to call them back. I called them back and the person (no idea who) who was 'handling this" was out to lunch so some other person decided to help. She informed me that Erik, their floral expert said that the daisies were just leaning forward from being pushed by the ribbon and there did not seem to be any problem with it. The reason it was so expensive was because of the orchids, which she pointed out, I had not even mentioned in my email (should they have been long skinny non open orchids or beautiful OPEN ones?). This woman was talking over me, basically telling me that there was nothing wrong and I had no right to complain. Really? Then why did Stroh Ranch take it apart? Why did they go to so much trouble to correct online/florist's gross negligence?

I attempted to contact corporate [protected] and after 24 minutes on the phone (most on hold), she did not have any contact info for me (as I was asking her to write it down) as she was allegedly transferring me to a manager at no help there either.

Is it because your corporation is so big that no one cares and no one takes care of messed like this? Clearly, Floral doesn't care...the florist mentioned to me that she got $233 for that order (we also had an outrageously priced $96 bouquet -- it was only a bouquet for all that money!!!) so for a total of $356, the florist got $233 --- there is something grossly wrong with this.

i would attach a picture but all of that is on my phone -- if you email me back, I can send it to you (but seriously, why would the local store replace so much if it wasn't a piece of junk to begin with)?

I hope you can provide some resolution to this; if I don't hear by tomorrow night, I will contact a local news station. What a disgrace.

Gee, I don't see contact info for this form either...Yes, I would like a refund for the $224 that we wasted on Restful Pillow (I will never order online again, I would go to local store instead).

My husband, Allan Ochs, placed the order. My name is June. You can either credit his credit card, or contact me at [protected],
Email [protected]

Hopefully you can do something about this. Thank you,

June Hartmann

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    delete my post above, this is not going to King Sooopers

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    this is a public page, delete my post please! I thought it was going to King Soopers

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