King Soopersservice/checkout/manager

D May 27, 2017

Store Location: 4600 Leetsdale Dr. Denver, Colorado
5/26/17 at 9:28
Cashier: CHEC 501

My husband and I went shopping to buy some sausage, wine and cheese. I took my purse as I have the 2x fuel points coupon and gift card for payment (which my son's school receives 3%). At the self check out showed my ID for the wine I was purchasing. We were advised we were unable to buy the wine unless my husband could produce his ID.

I can understand a policy like this with young cashiers that may let some young kids buy alcohol they are not supposed to. So my husband asked to speak with the manager on duty that evening. Josh came over and advised that, that was your policy with no exceptions.

The managers job first and for most is to provide excellent customer service. We also assume they have the ability to make an education decision to best accomplish his role. Josh (the front end manager) was incapable of managing such a decision and therefore, not only upset a $1, 000 per month customer, but humiliated the customer in line.

When asked to speak with the store manager, we were advised by Josh that he was the only manager on duty. I would suggest if Josh is unable to make educated decisions, another manager should be available who is able to think outside the box and not frustrate and humiliate a customer who is in his 50's and only accompanying his wife who is purchasing the alcohol.

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