King Sooperslousy customer service.

I arrived to the cashier after I made line like any other costumer and tried to pay for my laundry detergent, Mr Quincy spend almost a minute reading the coupons before he told me he couldn't use them. They were for the right product, quantity and size, didnt exceed the limit of identical coupons and we're not expired...perhaps management can train the cashier's better on your coupon policy? After I asked him to cancel the items I then proceeded to ask for a raincheck for a different item, he gave me a horrible attitude! I had even taken a picture of the product tag to make it easy to the cashier but it wasn't enough.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Denver, COHe asked me the oz of the item which I didn't know but he couldn't take 1 second to read the tag I was showing him on my phone as HE WAS ALREADY RINGING THE NEXT COSTUMER'S ITEMS as if I was not there. He then asked me to step aside and proceed to charge the next costumer BEFORE he wrote my raincheck. I asked when would this be re stocked and he said we re stoke every day but couponers come and empty everything every day too. He also told me to go shop elsewhere for that item.
I was going to buy 4 items only and because of Mr Quincy lack of knowledge about your coupon policy I was not able to buy anything.
I do hope this cashier gets better training and remembers that he is the face we costumers see when we go to the store and the kind of service he provides is what makes people come back or shop elsewhere.

May 09, 2017

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