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I have been shopping the store in Denver located at Leetsdale Drive and Monaco Parkway for over 27 years. In that time I can count on one hand the number of complaints I have had... however, this time I will not go back. I will shop the store at Colorado Blvd and Yale Ave but it is not as convenient and I will shop Kings less than usual.
Step One: I checked out my purchases for over $168.00 however there was something I asked if they could help me find. Solarcaine. They did find it finally but I had ti have it rung up as I was done for the first purchase. It was an additional $8 plus change and i completed that purchase.

Step Two: I had proceeded to a small area at the front that has chairs so I could sit and put away my card, text my husband I was on my way and get out my car keys.
I might mention here I am 74 years old and I use a cane.

Step Three: A woman came toward me and said some of my order didn't get checked out . Did I really want it? Well of course I did. I came to purchase milk for my grand daughter's lunch and dinner among other things.
I might mention here that my grand daughter was with me. She is 7 years old.

Step Four: The woman said well ok we'll go through the self checkout. I followed her there and she checked out my items. Among those items were two cans of Scrubbing Bubbles. I had given checker #1 my coupons for them. Of course they did not register as I hadn't purchased the items on the first ticket. They were $2 each coupons so I asked for the credit.

Step Five: The woman went to the original checker and got his coupon bag and began going through it for my coupons. By this time I was running out of patience..I should have been in my car driving home by now. I said.."What the hell...can you handle this? this is taking too long for a $4 credit".

Step Six: She said "I will not be spoken to that way and asked Ivan to take over. Yes I know Ivan he has been there forever and he knows me. She continues to flip through the coupon bag, Finally Ivan says " I can do it manually" and gave me the credit.

Instead of walking away the young woman kept coming back and telling me how incredibly rude I was and she didn't have to be cussed at etc etc.
After I was finally "released" and that is what it felt like having this woman a foot taller than me keep telling in front of my grand daughter how terrible I was... I saw the manager just then walking by. I called out to her.

I was in tears. Apparently no one told this woman that berating a customer was not a good thing. And in front of my grand daughter. Stephanie has offered to give me a credit for the additional items and walked me to my car. I appreciated her listening.

Honestly I couldn't imagine why it made me tear up or be so upset till we talked about it over dinner. I reran everything over and over in my head and could not understand till my grand daughter said " Grammy you didn;t do anything. She was a bully. At my school she would be in the office and made to apologize"
Perhaps she is right. I have never stood for being bullied in my life but this woman who is very tall kept looking down at me and saying I need to learn to not be rude ..and so on.
Credit or not.. I will not return to that store as long as I think I might run into that woman. I know me and I will walk up to her and give her the dressing down she so richly deserves for her behavior.
I was teaching customer service before she was born.
I'm done after 27 years. I will go to the store mentioned above as I have friends there as well and they are better stocked and obviously more accommodating. I know many people at the Leetsdale store and many I consider friends but I won't be seeing them any time soon.

I expect nothing to be done about this. I did want you to know that some of your newer people need more training in many areas.

Jun 15, 2017

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