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Key Bank / Cash Reserve Credit Practices

1 Olympia, WA, United States

I have a cash reserve credit account at key bank and have had it for years. Sometimes I pay it in full other times I make payments, regardless of my method I haven't made a late payment in YEARS. During last month our computer crashed and I was unable to transfer the payment to the cash reserve credit. (because the don't send you a bill) I was 3 days late on my payment and they sent my account to collections. No call from Key Bank saying "we noticed that we didn't recieve your payment yet." Straight to collections and in my husbands name so they won't talk to me at all. I looked it up Key Banks policy is a five day grace period before a decision of that magnitude is enforced. Then once your account has been put in collections they have five days to contact you by mail with a letter stating you are in default. You know what kills me ?? I PAID THE BILL !!! the day I got the first call. I waited until Monday and called the Key bank call center was on the phone 45 minutes said everything will be taken care of. I got another phone call that night. Called the collections company the next day, they are owned by Key Bank. They refuse to disscuss anything with me because I am not my husband. I call Key Bank again and now I have to fax a letter signed by my husband stating that I am allowed to handle this matter to the company they own. This stupid not to mention Illegal. We are being harrassed when we are not in default.

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