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Kent Ro Systems - Water Purifier / all buyers beware!

1 India Review updated:

Never ever think of buying a Kent RO System. The company has a totally non existent after sales service support. I bought two, YES TWO, Kent RO Systems in May 2005 on the promise of two years, i.e. till May 2007, hassle free maintenance free with all parts covered. They also promised that every three months the systems will be checked but as is with all no one turned up. Of course as is the case with filters they collect carbon and residue with the fabulous water we get from the municipality. On calling, about 10 odd calls, Kent RO systems they first took three days to have someone sent to check the system. The service person demanded money for the filters to be changed even though the systems were still under warranty. However on showing him the warranty and installation papers the service person replaced some filters which functioned only for two days post which the systems started to malfunction again. Again the procedure of calling started which is pain staking especially when one is seeking service. After a lot of effort and calling the system was rechecked and the same functioned for precisely two months, reasons - one of the filters that were changed was old and the other filter installed in the system was so called cleaned using a screwdriver.

The company does not want to acknowledge its binding which is part of the installation report. Their Branch Manager one Mr.Anil Bhardwaj who had sold the systems to us completely denies he ever offered to us although the second system was bought on the grounds that they will provide hassle free maintenance free with all parts service for two years. I also spoke to their GM, Mr. Rao who initially kept saying that he was not aware of the case and that would get back to us but never did. He said that they do not give more than a years warranty but would provide only service warranty for one extended year and we would have to pay for the parts. I would like to understand that if they provide only one years warranty why they want to do us a favour and give us an extended Service Warranty. He also went to the extent of saying that we could take any course of action and he was not concerned. We are planning to take them to the consumer court. ALL BUYERS BEWARE.

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  • Aj
      2nd of Jun, 2007
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    Totally agree as we had also taken one RO System and accordingly we had taken the AMC for that but those peoples are least bothered to provide any service.

  • Um
      24th of Jul, 2007
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    I have purchased kent RO system (wonder) in nov 2006 and have got AMC. The handle of the water tap is broken. Now they say that the model is discontinued and the handle is not available. They have not given any time from to provide me the parts also. In the official website there is no procedure to lodge our complaint.

  • Vi
      31st of Aug, 2007
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    Thanks for the useful comments by customers of this RO system. I was about to buy this and now have to go for an alternative.

  • Ya
      23rd of Sep, 2007
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    During the month of may 2007, i have purchased kent RO+UV system.,serial no-KA070201316. It stoped working in the month of august 2007 due toproblem in adopter,U.V tube, and water leakage, i lodge the complaint to the dealer,after lot of efforts,it started working but not properly. water is over fiowing continuously through the surface,where R.O , U.V and other three cylinders are attached. now it is out of order. there is no procedure where i have to lodge my complaint . it is totally manufacturing diffect, the company has to replace my system as soon as possible, otherwise there is no other option except filing a complaint under consumer protection act.

  • Sa
      20th of Oct, 2007
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    Hello .
    I purchased Kent RO system in October 2006.All was well till in 4 -5 months time I realized the water to taste different, as a result I called in Kent helpline. So far so good. Now today I sensed the taste of the water was different than usual. I called in Kent helpline and I was informed that my warranty period for the product has expired. My Concern here is what Post installation services is the Kent Group providing to their customers who trust and invest in its product to other competitors in the same field.

    We are informed that the service is On Demand basis, how is an End User expected to know the right time that the product needs to be serviced (Technically). Are we expected to have those testing equipments their Service Engineers have. A end user not knowing about the inside out of the product will only get to know if the water tastes bad or there is some other problem. Why does Kent not take an initiative to prevent the customers to have the contaminated water by providing pre check services on their own as a precautionary step to keep their customers safeguarded.

    There should be some services scheduled as per the date of purchase of the product, by the Kent Group. To ensure the customers are living healthy and happily with their products. The services if not during the lifetime should be at least provided during the guarantee period. Kent group should provide with a mechanism for its Post service follow ups made with its customers, when they keep a well maintained record of the customers in their database.

    Being a unsatisfied customer of Kent services I am now forced to think again upon my decision whether it was a right move from selecting Kent when I was happy with the services of its competitors in the market.

    The above can be considered as a complaint from me (end user), but I hope this is directly related to someone's health, someones life, because water is that essence of life that no one can live without.

    In anticipation of some positives inputs from Kent group regarding the same.

    Addional Inputs:

    Though my Bill has my name as Sachin Sharma, All Post dated cheques have been accepted with the same name, Kent Database still has my name as Sachin Chauhan.

    Immediately after talking to Kent Helpline today on October 20, 2007. I received a courier from a courier company, a letter Dated 22nd September Sub: Annual Maintenance Contract for Kent RO Systems, specifying that it expires on 6th October.

    Kindly note the delay in the customer being informed about the end of contract date after it has been expired.

    Note: This is not intended to any particular dealer selling Kent products, but the entire Kent Group.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sachin Sharma.

  • Ni
      18th of Nov, 2007
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    I am resident of Ajmer and with so much enthusiasm I bought Kent RO System Purifier in Oct 2006 on the promise of five years, hassle free maintenance and one year warranty with all parts covered from Shree Enterprises, Ajmer. They also promised that unlike Aquaguard the carbon tubes will last for 5 years without any cleaning. I was amazed.

    Suddenly after five months of purchase some guy from the company appeared for maintenance (Is this in company’s policy???). On 24th Oct the warranty was expiring and again the maintenance guy appeared on 17th October. After two days of his screw-driving some sort of beeping noise started coming. I informed the dealer about this problem on 20th Oct. On calling, about 10 odd calls, the maintenance guy appeared on 22nd and he was confused with noise so he removed the connection of beeper and said now every thing is alright. I was watching this, so being confused I asked him what was the problem and why did he disconnected the wire. He didn’t say anything and went away. Next day i.e. 23nd, I called the agency, they said there is a problem with UV lamp and has to be replaced. The cost is around 1000Rs. I was horrified as usually UV Tubes last for at least 4years and company's commitment of 5 years hassle free maintenance, I asked him that since my product is still under warranty so this part should be replaced under warranty. He said that he has to ask for UV from Mumbai Office. Again the procedure of calling started which is painful especially when one is seeking service. After a lot of effort and calling the system was rechecked and now he is claiming that whole UV Unit along with light and choke has to be replaced, Today, yes today i.e. 18th Nov he brought the UV unit and said that since my warranty has expired so I have to give the complete amount with maintenance charge i.e. around 2000 Rs.

    I was not expecting this type of behavior with a company of International repute. I don’t expect anything from the company but I think being a bona fide customer the company has some responsibility to solve our problems.

  • Vi
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    Hi All,

    I totally agree with the statements made above. I bought my Kent RO purifier last year with all the FALSE promises of very active services. Today when I am trying to get the machine serviced, no body is there to attend my calls. Tried number of times but of no use.

    I think the only way out is to educate ppl not to buy this product as the after sales is PATHETIC. I have given up the hope of getting the machine serviced by their engineer.


  • Gh
      29th of Mar, 2008
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    i am a dealer of kent water purifier in chandigarh i had bought 2 piece of it for sale and one of them was not working than i made complaint of it to distributor and even after 4 months my prooblem is not solved and my money is totaly wasted

  • Pr
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    Hi have bought Kent RO + UV just 15 days back in Pune and it already faced problem due to bad UV connector wiring.

    After 2 days i nticed that water has been leaking and guy came from Kent to repair that.

    Moment he left, 10 minutes I realised water is leaking from another cylinder.

    I am completely pissed off since my Rs.15000 have got wasted with such a patheti product

    My advice - dont buy this product... they are not reliable.

    I am going to ask for replacement(read fight for it) else I am surely going to consumer forum with my cade and also I will file RTI to see why inspite of poor quality check how can they get quality certificate. I am sure they bribe people in ministries.

  • Ma
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    I wonder how and when the promoters will take corrective and preventive measures. I have similar experience today and tried to find and lodge complain on web, but of no use; no such site number was available.

    Just to share my experience and for information to the promoters - I had purchased Kent RO system kast year. I moved to Mumbai few days back, though Kent RO Machine delicate enough to carry along with me in flight.

    I calledup their service centre at Mumbai (Andheri(W) - Mr.Ashok is incharge; phone numbers:9869684763 / 9870653989). I was informed that technician will install the machine today (Monday 16th June, 08).

    I was informed by Mr.Ashok that Technician has left at 1pm and reach within half an hour or so, when I called up to find the status. I informed my wife and got busy in office. I called up my wife at about arround 4.45 pm to confirm if the work was done properly. Was surprised to know that the person has still not reached. Called up Mr.Ashok again, he said he will revert in 5 minutes. He reverted in about 5 minutes and asked me - where are you sir ? I told him I am in my Office at Santacruz, why? He said - Sir mera technician to aapke kitchen me machine fit kar raha hai, incidently still I was on line with wife on moble; and told him that non one has reached home till now . He remained on line and called up some one and told me that I am sorry sir, the person is on the way and reach in some time.

    Finally the person reached, my wife called me and I was relaxed and got on to Office work.

    My wife called up at about 8 pm and informed me that the person is still working and has dismenttled the entire machine. I was surprised asked my wife to give the phone to the technician. He came on the line and told me that Carbon filter and solonoid valve is not working. I told him that machine was working fine till few days back and I am surprised. He said, he is discussing with his incharge and working as per his instructions and gave back the phone to my wife. Within few minutes, my wife told me that the person is leaving with dismentled machine as it is and has said that another technician is coming to fix the problem.

    I told my wife that I am coming immediately, let the person who come wait for me. I reached home about 9.20pm, till then no has come.

    When I checked the installetions, I was surprised, angry and at loss as what to do to find that raw water supply was wrongly connected to inlet. No wonder, the machine was not working !!!

    Called up Mr.Ashok. I was proudly informed that the person is sacked as he was not performing since quite some time.

    Please suggest me what I should do? My entire machine has been messed up.

    Manindra Singh - 09987317711

  • Bu
      23rd of Aug, 2008
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    Dear friends, thanks a lot for your comments about this stupid product

  • Jo
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    Thanks all unfortunate buyers of kent r.o. system. I was about to buy a kent ro but after reading all above complaints I decided not to by kent ro but going for an alternative.

  • An
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    Kent RO System - WATER PURIFIER

    March 02, 2009

    Never ever think of buying a Kent RO System. The company has a totally non existent after sales service support. I bought one Kent RO Systems more than one year back on the promise of hassle free maintenance free with all parts covered. They also promised that every three months the systems will be checked but as is with all no one turned up so far.

    DLF Phase 3,
    Email :

  • Ra
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    Never ever think of buying a Kent RO System. The company has a totally non existent after sales service support. I bought one Kent RO Systems on October 20, 2008 its going to near by six months back on the promise of hassle free maintenance free with all parts covered. They also promised that every three months the systems will be checked but as is with all no one turned up so far.

    I am calling up from last seven days to Mr. Chandel on this number 09356408648 for check the Kent RO every time he told me we are giving you a call for attend the complaint. Today he told me we dont have a spareparts when sparepart will come than i will come back to you.

    Overflow problem in the system .

    I have a little daughter she slipped on the water and get injured.

    Still No body came for to attend the complaint.

    I am totally unsatisfied with the service.

    I suggest each buyer do not buy the kent RO.

    I dont want your services further, I just want to through your system.

    Rahul Bali
    Sector -46 - Chd
    Ph.No. 09816014684

  • Sa
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    Here this is my experience and it as bad as it can be .. :(
    I wrote this email to MD and all possible pepole in kent I could collect..
    Hi Mr.MaheshVarun Gupta (MD)Concern Authority,

    Machine : Kent Grand Mineral RO, S.No. KR080450634
    Dealer : 'SriRaaga Techno-Marketing Pte. Ltd.' Secunderabad-500003.

    This is very unfortunate and depressed SOS call from a very genuine customer who trusted a world best Co. (Kent) to buy it's water purifier system but got only worst after-sales service for a worst machine ( hopefully mine one in specific .. still positive and trust on CO.).

    I am put in Hyderabad and bought the 'Kent Grand Mineral RO' for my house uses in May 08 (still under warranty period) from your Dealer 'SriRaaga Techno-Marketing Pte. Ltd.' Secunderabad (A.P) and after just two months of purchase a variety of problems started coming and till now there is no end to it.

    Main problem started with Water Overflow (from the machine), dealer's technician 2-3 times applied some workarounds (accepted as mfg. issue)on the system but never a permanent solution and now situation is so worst that they have started avoiding me as form last three days I have called the dealer's service center over 20 times but I am only getting False promises (verbal) of False help and a result I am force to purchase Water form last three days (which is actually not first time now I can say at least 1.5 months in-total)

    I have now totally harasseddepressed and just cursing for the time when I bought the system.

    Now this is my last call to you people to take urgentquickest action in the matter before I took this matter to court, press and all possible Internal-external forum in the universe to ensure that there is a law or system exist which can safeguard the genuine people's interest in India.

  • Vi
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    Yes I also agree with above comments. They are really #*%$$%%^^%&.

  • Ha
      22nd of May, 2009
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    I was planning to buy a KENT, but now I dropped the plan thank you for your information-

  • Sa
      20th of Jun, 2009
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    I have KENT water purifier, I get the service through Axim Axis in kolkata. They take money beginning of service contract and they dont provide any service. They are cheaters and I want to stop using Kent now. Is there anyone who can suggest me any other purifier which I can try.

  • Pa
      27th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am Dhaval,
    I Am a Water Purifer AND RO Dealer and Technician Myselves.
    Just Pruchase from me and you will never face any problem from my side.
    I Assemble Machines personally with the best available parts in the market. Every single is machine is speccially made according to order and requirements.
    Average 15lph machine will cost around 7000Rs. Fully Automatic. Zero breakdown.
    I Supply and service in and around Vadodara- Ahmedabad.
    Also contact on phone for free help or troubleshooting.

    Contact me on Dhaval 9925024743.

  • Pr
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    Fully agree with what was said above.

    Kent does not list service centers in the web site and generally they do not respond if you send them mail. Nor do they have numbers of their offices in different cities of India. Only Delhi numbers are listed. it seems they only sell but not service the systems. By keep on trying and trying I got those delhi person and explain the things happening after sales. They gave me their service reginal manager number and assured me that he will look after my problem and solve every thing.

    Here for Bangalore they appointed one buffello, so called reginal manager with name SANGAM, the worst fellow I never faced in my life. He doesn't have any responsibility. I surprised with his irresposible ansewers. He never botter about the customer feelings.

    If anybody wants to purchase Mineral RO Water Purifier System, I strongly advise you, avoid KENT and stay away from KENT Mineral RO Water Purifier System. If you go for KENT Mineral RO Water Purifier System, SURE YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR CONTROL ON YOU, BECAUSE OF THEIR MENTAL TOUTURE.

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