Kenneth Stromqunol coq10

K Nov 28, 2017

Liquid Qunol coq10

I've been using this product for the past 3 years and bought it most frequently at Costco in St. Louis Park MN. My most recent purchase, within about 30 days of 11-28-2017, was to find that the product was from the same manufacturer but in a larger container. It was in a 30.4 oz. container instead of a 20.3 oz container. The box and bottle coloring's were the same and from a marketing point of view it appeared to be the same product in a larger bottle. It was also on sale at about 27 dollars from 30 dollars. This appeared to be a large savings so I bought 3 bottles. In trying to use the product I found the taste very objectionable, almost causing me to gag. I returned 2 of the 3 unused bottles and will struggle through the 1st bottle, unless I find a solution. In trying to determine if I was going to continue with this product I noted that the bottle I have has a Orange Mango Flavor. I also had occasion to buy this at Amazon and in my records I found the flavor to be Orange Pineapple. I also found they had the same container and product available and the today purchase price was 24 dollars making it as good a deal as what Costco had switched to. I have purchased another bottle from Amazon to determine if it is what it used to be and can hopefully put this bad experience behind me.

I would caution the Costco purchasing department to use some care in offering replacement products similar to what they use to sell at what appears to be a better deal. There is no good deal with a surprise or bad product.

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