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I bought a Front Load washer and dryer. I bought the extended warranty. I bought it December 2017 and it seemed to work okay. For the past four months the machine has been vibrating extremely hard and traveling. I am 65 years of age and I have to push the washer back into place. I am afraid it will tear of my floor because of the intensity of the vibration. It has also made a dent in the side of my door because of traveling. I have complained, they sent a repair man four times and he leveled the machine and when I wash it continues to vibrate and travel. I have called many times and I am told that if no parts are changed they cannot replaced the machine. I have had Kenmore washers before and nothing ever happened like this. I am very unhappy with the service. I cannot believe that Sear wants me to live with this machine. I was told that a repair person would get in touch with me again the week of March 19th and no appointment has been made. The washer also did not rinse and water was left in the machine and I had to run the rinse cycle to get rid of the water. I have a ill husband and need to wash. I bought a new machine to update because I had heard on the Clark Howard show that you appliances should be updated for effiecency. The old washer was working but I thought that it would be better in the long run to have a more energy efficient machine. I have always bought at Sears and I am thoroughly disgusted. There is something wrong no machine should travel and vibrate like this one. I took a video and told the person at Sears I would submit if needed because I really do not have the time to waste. I need a working washer. Please help me!!!

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  • Ra
      9th of Oct, 2008
    Kenmore Washer - Warranty Repair
    Hwy 129
    United States

    Made Appointment on Warranty Work on Washer. First time
    was a week from call. Said they would be there between 8 am
    and 5pm. Called at 4:00pm and said couldn't make it.
    This was after my wife and I had sat home all day and waited.
    Next appointment was to be a week later. This is not very
    customer friendly.

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  • Be
      6th of Apr, 2011
    Kenmore Washer - Non Working appliance
    Beth Hudon
    United States

    We purchased a Kenmore Washer on 3/28/11 for 777 + 10% energy efficiency + tax ($900+). First delivery was on 4/1/11 and machine did not drain. They took it back & told us they could not get another one until 4/6 due to "wharehouse issues". We asked they return off the truck our WORKING MATYTAG washer. We were told that "it was corporate policy to cut the cord on the machine when it was put on the truck". I asked if that "corporate policy" stated it be done BEFORE THEY KNEW IF THE DELIVERED MACHINE WORKED OR NOT". They stated it did. I was promised another machine on Monday 4/4/11. When I called the store and told them the delivery message stated it would be Wednesday or Thursday, the salesman on duty told me it would be here Monday. (Understand I have dirty clothes and NO WASHER). Today, 4/6 I received another delivery at 10:02 am of another Kenmore machine which DID NOT WORK AGAIN--PROBLEM WITH THE PUMP and would not drain. Second strike. The delivery person reported the problem and asked what the quickest way to resolve (technician or another delivery) and was told, as was I, by the person a TECHNICIAN COULD NOT COME BEFORE NEXT TUESDAY AND AT LEAST THURSDAY FOR ANOTHER WASHER BECAUSE UNTIL I RESCHEDULED HE COULDN'T GET ANOTHER WASHER. THIS "CUT THE CORD BEFORE YOU KNOW IF IT WORKS POLICY" IS NOT ONLY ABSURD IT IS ASSANINE!!! AND 2 DELIVERIES OF A NONWORKING MACHINE IS ALSO ABSURD. YOU HAVE LOST MY BUSINESS. I AM ON MY WAY TO GET MY MONEY BACK FROM SEARS AND GO TO FRY'S WHERE I WILL HAVE AN LG FOR $22 MORE. YES, I WILL END UP WITH A HIGHER PRICE TAG BUT MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, I CAN GET A WASHER THAT WORKS. YOU SHOULD HAVE PULLED A TECH IMMEDIATELY TO FIX THIS MACHINE, AND I SHOULDN'T BE WITHOUT A MACHINE TO BEGIN WITH. YOUR PRESIDENT WILL RECEIVE A LETTER FROM US SHORTLY. I BETTER NOT HAVE A PROBLEM GETTING MY MONEY BACK SINCE YOU'VE HAD IT FOR AT LEAST A WEEK. I EXPECT A FULL IMMEDIATE REFUND. IT'S OBVIOUS THAT SEARS DOESN'T CARE ABOUT IT'S CUSTOMERS ANYMORE - I'VE BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR 50 YEARS. YOU WILL NEVER SEE ANOTHER PENNY FROM ME OR ANYONE THAT I CAN CONVINCE NOT TO BUY FROM YOU AGAIN.

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  • Se
      27th of Mar, 2012

    Hi B. Kelley,

    I'm Scott and I'm a member of the Sears Cares Social Media Support Team. We apologize for the concern and trouble your washer has been causing. With a problem of this nature, there's no question why you might be alarmed. If the washer is indeed level, the problem may be the type of flooring under the unit. Linoleum or softer wood may contribute to this problem for example. After locating your post here, we'd like to speak with you about your washer and help address your concerns. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at [protected] and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the washer was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number). Also, in your email, please provide your screen name (B. Kelley) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue. We do look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Thank you,
    Scott J.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

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