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I am retired after working 36 years with the State and I was looking for a part time or Temp job. I applied for a job a couple a weeks ago that was on Indeed website. Kelly Services took all my information and gave me a assessment test. I told them that I was looking for a Temp or part time position. Office work not telemarketing. I was notified about a position working on the phone telemarketing. I refused that job and was offered a permanent position Data processing because I refused that position I was verbally abused by Tina she told me that it was embarrassing for her to call the company back and tell them that I declined the interview. I canceled the interview 1 hour after she booked it. There would be a group a people in one room being interviewed for one position. Tina was very rude to me. She actually started yelling at me telling me good luck finding a part time job. Part time jobs never come through their office. The next day I saw a position on line through Kelly Services that was part time office clerk. I called and left a message 2x. I was never called back. The next day I called again and of course Tina and Emily were to busy to talk to me. I felt that at that point I was wasting my time to count on Kelly Services to help me find a job. I believe that Tina was mad at me and will never offer me a job. I left a message with the receptionist to have them rip up my paperwork I'll go elsewhere to look for a job.
Albany, NY area

Mar 10, 2017
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      Aug 28, 2017

    I agree I called and talked to someone and everything she said was out there like rude even when I asked whats your name she said why " Why do you need to know that is there a problem, " do you know she never professionally gave me her name I thought when your working for a nice company a well known company at that she should have least been professional She didn't even send me a email like she said she would giving the information for starting a job the next day I don't feel that Kelly services is professional they don't have a high standard in making sure they treat customers with respect she acted like she was less than interested in talking to me and giving me good quality care. I don't think I will want to work for a company like that and when I seen the reviews I said WOW red flag I am making the right decision by moving on and looking else where. Me personally I feel they should have all their calls monitored for good quality customer care least then they would watch how they talk to customers.
    I feel the Company knows about how they speak to customers and it's showing me they don't care. I will just move on I don't need to be talked to like crap.

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