Aerotek Complaints & Reviews

Aerotek / unprofessional, rude.

Oct 05, 2019

Out of desperation I reached out to Aerotek for help in finding a job. Recruiter seemed nice at first, but turned out to be pushy. Did not respect my wishes to not be contacted while I was out of the country for a week (called, emailed, and texted me while away). When I got back to him and...

Aerotek / recruitment

Oct 02, 2019

AerotekI applied for a position with Aerotek on sunday, September 29.proceeded to go through their recruiting process over the next 3 days. Was informed at 10:30am on October 2 I was being recruited for said position and just had to wait to hear back from manager Kyle Henry who wanted to speak...

Aerotek / unethical behaviour

Aug 29, 2019

Before working with Areotek I had a job of 5 years driving buses. I wanted to make a change due to a client that threatened my life and also being mistreated by dispatch etc... I met with a few guys by the names of Kenny and Tomas (recruiters) at the Shoreview Minnesota location (4000...

Aerotek / employee

Jun 05, 2019

I'm scared to go back to work. Guy mukenge is the predators name. We work kennedy/courtney park. He grabbed my butt and said he has something for it. I left crying. Im just a single mom trying to make a living for my kids. He's also selling weed n asking everyone. I'm scared to lose my job...

Aerotek / job search

May 22, 2019

I "like" how they tell you to not look for jobs outside of Aerotek's network - unless you run it through them first. Then you waste time meeting with them, go through all the motions. Set-up an account on their website, but then can't log in - nor change the password, so that your most...

Aerotek / unethical and unprofessional behavior

Dec 18, 2018

I hope someone gets to read my story as it has been very difficult and frustrating situation Ive had to endure while trying to find a job with Aerotek. I have been working with recruiter named Jacob Castor from the Orlando Fl office i had applied for the position of medical billing and...

Aerotek / unprofessional behavior/poor treatment

Oct 24, 2018

I got a job through Aerotek working with ADP. I was only there two weeks when a bad situation turned into my being let go under very unfair lies and accusations. There was about 4 or 5 people involved in the situation and I was the only one who got suspended, I didn't get any chance...

Aerotek / poor buisness

Oct 13, 2018

I was offered a job and I accepted. I had given a two week notice at my previous employer. On my last day I received a call that the company I was going to start with 2 days later no longer was offering the position due to their budget. I just so happen to have the email of the person I...

Aerotek / employee posting confidence information on social media

Oct 04, 2018

AerotekI emailed your [protected]@aerotek email almost a month ago and received no reply. One of your employees out of the Tampa office is posting pictures of her work space including computer monitor on with information on the screen on Instagram on a regular basis. I do not have much room here...

Aerotek / lack of help

Sep 13, 2018

I spoke to a recruiter week ago about helping me search for a job, but have not heard from her. She did this previously where she said she would look for work, but never called back weeks later. So I called this last time and she said the same thing. Also, she will not find me any...

Aerotek / aerotek ends your health insurance the day after your assignment ends.

Jul 05, 2018

My assignment ended on a Friday, and I was under the impression the health insurance payment deducted from my check the payday before was covering me for the following week, so I went to the doctor to finish the lab test I was needing. A couple of weeks later I got a bill for over $1700...

Aerotek / lost onboarding paperwork

Feb 09, 2018

I've worked with Aerotek for on a CPL assignments each one has gotten worse! This current situation is they LOST my onboarding paperwork. Never entered my W4 marked me exempt and now I have to repay 3600 to the government! Best part my assignment is ending in two weeks!!! I'll be jobless!...

Aerotek / payment not received, false statements

Jan 25, 2018

I was hired to work for Aerotek on a temporary oil & gas project. When I was hired for the assignment I had 1 project to cover. Upon commencement I quickly realized I would be responsible for 3 projects while all others in my position had 1 and were equally paid. Over the course of many...

Aerotek / I was employed by aerotek.

Sep 15, 2017

I was recently fired through via text message by my recruiter laura lybrand from aerotek in columbia sc. She misinformed me of my performances and there was no communication of my progress from the time I was concerned on august 5, 2017 until the time she texted me that I was fired...

Aerotek / arielle soriano, bellevue, wa recruiter

Sep 14, 2017

I had worked with Arielle in the past, however I could not believe how I was treated in the way that I was treated with this most recent incident that happened yesterday 09/14/2017. Arielle had worked with me in the past, and we had a good experience. I contacted her again and told her I...

Aerotek / they don't really look out for the person who needs work but the employer

Aug 13, 2017

It was my first time working with Aerotek. I haven't heard too many negative things about them with other people, but I when it came time to use them it was a different experience. Their staff of unprofessional and very rude without cause. They want you to literally bow to every demand and...

Aerotek / recruiter

Jul 06, 2017

Giving I've worked for Aerotek since Dec 2016 & i loved my first recruiter. I must say Samantha at the Hurst location is a terrible recruiter she acts as she cares but when things might get real bad with you she blows up...I lost my baby bother not even 2 months ago on mother's day and...

Aerotek / six month suspension

Jun 08, 2017

Hello, I am coming to you today because I was given a 6 month suspension by Aerotek and feel that the actions taken were unfair and discriminating. Aerotek has labled me as a person who failed a drug test for not accepting the job that was offered to me. I feel discriminated against because...

Aerotek / Person "handling my job search"

Feb 15, 2017

I have a lady that at first we hit it off. She guaranteed a position for me in 3 weeks that was a PERFECT fit. Its now been nearly 2 months. I have had many people from aerotek call me since I was promised this job. When I bring up I am already working with her, they act like they cant...

Aerotek / Unprofessional, disrespectful

Jan 24, 2017

Very unprofessional the recruit Jose will never give fallow ups. You will get terminated for no reason even if you have good work ethics and are educated. Will not give a valid response as to why your assignment was ended and respond with you quit when that is not the case. Asked for...

Aerotek / Christian rosa, my terrible recruiter

Dec 10, 2016

I had met with Christian Rosa in the Pensacola, Florida branch of Aerotek and he was a horrible recruiter. He hasn't work there very long, from what I was told but, he likes to answer the phone and give people the wrong name for himself. I called and he answered the phone as Christian...

Aerotek/Tetratek / Payroll

Nov 13, 2016

I am one of hundreds working in South Carolina on a FEMA hurricane clean up project, These two companies are constantly incapable of giving employees a pay check, a pay check with the correct hours worked, a pay check with correct hours of overtime and it's not a big deal to them. Excuse...

Never go to Kayla at Aerotek / Racism

Oct 23, 2016

Never go to Kayla at AerotekI have become the victim of rascism by Kayla Dormer who is emploed at Aerotek recruting which is a recruiting firm. I met Kayla for the recruitment process and was treated very badly. I am Asian by race, in search of a job I went and met Kayla and discussed about my profile and the kind...

Aerotek / Kayla Dormer – employed at Aerotek Recruiting and Staffing

Sep 29, 2016

I was in search for a job in the banking sector. It was very difficult for me to find a job soon. finally I got to know about Aerotek Recruiting and Staffing and went to that company. I went and met Kayla Dormer who was working as a recruiter there and discussed about my profile and the...

Aerotek Recruiting / Sexual abuse

Sep 26, 2016

Please take a minute and read my experience with kayla dormer from roseville, ca who's employed at aerotek recruitingAnd staffing. My name is pearl white who's employed at forbes inc. I was doing good with my work at forbes until I met kayla dormer atAerotek recruiting and staffing. One fine...

Aerotek Atlanta / Experience with recruiter d'angelo

Sep 23, 2016

I generally do not post complaints about a service online since I would rather resolve the issue with that individual or his/her superiors but cannot let this slide on the account of so many people like myself are dependent on the recruiter doing their due diligence to get them positioned...

Aerotek / Not paying me on time

Mar 21, 2015

I started working with Aerotek for a job in Richardson, in September 2014. I should have transitioned over by now with the company but I have not. It took only two weeks for my direct deposit to kick in then. In November I left and took a permanent position which I worked 3 days and left...

Aerotek Phoenix / Lack of professionalism

Sep 23, 2014

Devin Stewart hired me in Aerotek Phoenix and I worked for Alere Health and they did not provide employee's with a time card and I was asked to step off the assignment and they did not pay me and I am not sure if i will have my 48 hours of work! Lack of professionalism both companie...

Aerotek / Unprofessional Interview

Aug 08, 2014

I went to their office located in Miami Lakes to receive and apply for a Job that was offered to me by e-mail. I was received by a recruiter named Jasmine Villacis and she started a very rude and unprofessional interview. She wanted to know with details all the places I had applied before...

Aerotek / unprofessional and lies to your face

Mar 16, 2014

Worse employment staffing service out there. I was interviewed and hired by JESSICA SHEEHY (AREOTECK APPLETON WI ). I went to the orinetation, got my badge, was ready to start work, only to be told that I could not start till I had a drug test. I have no problem with that, what I have a...


Feb 12, 2014

WOW...where to begin! This agency's owner must NOT CARE about who they have representing them which in turn means they must NOT CARE about sustaining a POSITIVE reputation as well! I am a Human Resources professional & have worked with many staffing agencies...Aerotek by far is the...

Aerotek / Poor professionalism

Apr 12, 2013

I had an interview with Miss. Rozlin Harris of Aerotek at 1 P.M.. The afore mentioned Miss Harris did not show up (back from lunch) until 1:15 walked in and addressed me. Told me wait one more minute while she went to print out my resume. Ten minutes later she walked back out and said...

Aerotek / Horribly unprofessional


Lindsay Leddy Piscataway, NJ rep I had applied for a position that was posted on one of the career websites. Went through the whole process for the application. Received a call from the above named rep to make an appt for an interview. The intial job that was applied for was no longer...

Aerotek / Female tele marketer f-a-r-t-s like an elephant


Aerotek - Female Tele marketer f-a-r-t-s like an elephant Tele Marketer Cindy Suspended For Passing Gas Girl's Family Says Punishment Too Steep Springfield, Massasschuets -- A chubby 300 pound female Aerotek temporary staffing employeehas been suspended from work because she...

Aerotek / The Guide to Taking a Dump at Work


Aerotek- Aerotek - The Guide to Taking a Dump at Work Originally published in 2011 as "The Aerotek temporary staff empoyee guide to taking a dump in a call center"...this document is a living tribute to something we all have to do at our jobs from time to time. Foul smells, rude sounds, and bad...

Aerotek Metals Corp / Job scam


from: Paul Schwartz <[protected]> reply-to: Paul Schwartz <[protected]> date: Sun, Oct 24, 2010 subject: EARN OVER $1, 000 WEEKLY Our HR Managers need a possible candidate to be our Account receivable specialist for Aerotek Metals Corp, Inc. As An...

Aerotek / worst staffing company, idiots for recruiters horrible company


aerotek has to be one of the WORST companies ever for staffing etc. I went to a so-called 'job fair' for a company. I was treated like dirt since I was the last person being interviewed. The females all gave me derogatory attitude and looks...I already knew I wasnt going to get...

Aerotek / discrimination, not fair chances to employees, not fair interviews, reject candidates before even interviewing them


I went to a job interview and was discriminated I feel by the HR person there by the name of Shawna. Ive been to many job interviews in my life and its easy to assess who or what is discriminating against someone. For me I recall this happening to me many years ago at a staples where the...

Aerotek / Totally unethical


Brware of this agency. Hired by Aerotek for a temp-to-perm job at a large financial institution as an administrative assistant. Was on the job for 22 months and there was no permanent job to be had - the position I was in had only been staffed by temps for years prior to my being placed in...

Aerotek / fraud and scam artists


This year Toyota gave their employees A christmas bonus, But instead of the aerotek employees getting their bonuses that Toyota dished out Aerotek used them for their own personal gain to cover pto hours of aerotek employees. most of the employees have to be there 6 months before they even...