Kelly Services India Pvt. Ltd. / pf withdrawl issue-pf not received yet

Dear Sir,

With deep regret i am sending this mail:
I was working in NSN under Payroll of kelly services from 17th Dec'2007 to 13th Feb'2010. i have submitted the PF withdrawl form for NSN thrice(Feb'10, Dec'10 & Aug'11) as the forms were misplaced first two times;Already 2 years passed, but i have not received my PF amount, i tried to contact the Kelly coordinator through mail/phone, firstly i didn't get any reply, but she is now telling to contact delhi kelly office, nobody is giving any response regarding this from delhi kelly office, kindly support on this issue.


1 PF No: MH/46257/20536
2 Emp ID: 36981
3 Location: Kolkata_CKolkata
4 Designation: NSS O & M Engineer
5 Date of Joining 17th Dec'2007
6 Date of Leaving 13th Feb'2010

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