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On June 24, 2009, I purchased my wife a leo neckless and a pair of earring. My wife had a reaction to the jewerly and we took it back. We talked to another manager whom basically made us feel bad and then got us to order the same thing but in gold when we really didn't want it. So my wife and I went to the store to pick up the jewerly and due to them changing it to gold they tried to charge us more money. At that point my wife said no she didn't want it due to there attitudes and the negative vibes they were giving off. Well I turned all of the jewerly back in and it appears they did not credit to my wifes bank account the down payment of $586.00 that she had put down. they put on the sale recept zero total down payment. At that time that we brought her jewerly she purchased me a diamond band that sold at 659.00. On August 12, 2009 they sent us a bill staying we owed them $250.00 and a late charge for $29.00. Our question is where is the $586.00 and why didn't they put the $400.00 trade in down on the ring? I have sent a report to Kay's jewerly and I am very upset that they did not put the trade in on the ring which was $400.00, then take the $586.00, and then not call us when the trade in was back. Also if we owed them money why didn't they inform me when I came into the store to pick up the trade in? Kay's has a 60 day trade in policy, so no one should of been upset. I feel that they got upset because we returned the jewerly and now on this bill they have decided to charged us $753.00 for a ring that we have a recept showing we paid $659.00 and saying we have a remaining balance of $253.00. Question where is the $586.00? I know they get upset when people steal from them, so if that the case why are they trying to steal from good paying customers and then try to mess up there credit? Times are hard we as customer need good customer services not selected memory theives.


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      Aug 13, 2009

    I know just how you feel. My husband bought me a Jane Seymore necklace, not even 3 days the chain broke. Kays wanted to charge my husband $100.00 to get it fixed. They settlled on $45.00 mean while they gave me another chain, Not even a month q diamond fell out.
    Took it back now the chain turned black & another diamond fell out. They told my husband he needed to up grade. My husband said yes you should do that . No the Manager said you have to pay the differance . My husband paid a nice price for this necklace. it wasn't cheap.

    I don't think We will be bying from Kays At Park Mall

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