Kay Jewelersloss of heart-shaped pendant/ accusation of lying


My husband and I were disappointed with our last visit to Kay Jewelers 1 week ago. We went to the store 2 weeks ago to have my husband's gold chain repaired. At the time his chain had 2 pendants on it; one was a gold crucifix and the other one was a small, white gold, heart-shaped pendant. The employee who took care of us that day apparently removed the crucifix pendant to clean it and didn't notice the heart pendant fall. The problem was that she did that after we left the store. When we picked up the chain 1 week later, I noticed that the heart pendant was missing. The employees were sorry and said that they would look for it, esp. at the repair shop, and said that they would call us 3 days later to let us know if they found it. We got a call from the store manager(whose name is Cynthia) the next day and told us that no one at the repair shop had seen it, and that the picture taken at the repair shop only had the crucifix. So she told us that they would keep searching, and would call us again on Wednesday. This is where all of the mess begins. No one from the store called us on Wednesday, so we decided to go in the evening. When we got there Cynthia had a really ### attitude and kept telling us that no one found my heart pendant; kept insisting that we were lying because they had never lost any piece of jewelery before, and on top of that the employee who helped us the very 1st day said that she remembered that there wasn't a heart pendant on the chain. I got so mad that I told Cynthia that I wanted to see the security video from the day we dropped off the chain and she kept saying that they didn't have cameras, but later on said that they did have cameras but they only scan the outside of the store, not the inside. So she said that it was now our word against the store's and that they weren't going to do anything about it. Before we stormed out of there, I told her and her employees that I had a feeling that the pendant had been dropped on the floor, and that it was probably sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, and no one noticed it. About 15 minutes after we left the store, we got a call from the store and were told that my pendant had been found inside the vacuum cleaner. I was relieved to have gotten my pendant back, but I was upset because I wanted to give Cynthia a piece of my mind by telling her what a terrible and ### manager she was, but she was already gone, and none of the employees apologized for their mistake. After that horrible ordeal I told them that they should put cameras inside the store to protect customers from problems like this. My husband and I agreed never to shop at Kay Jewelers ever again, and I will give Cynthia a piece of my mind the next time we are at the mall because we deserve an apology for their mistake.

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