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I wanted to let you know about the difficult, and potentially unethical situation that I have had to endure while attending Kaplan University. After many hours on hold, and broken promises about the disbursement of my student loans, I feel that someone needs to know about this deceptive and unethical business practice. Here is what has happen to me to the best of my recollection and as accurately as possible. I have been a student at Kaplan University for nearly two years, working of a Masters of Science degree. During such time I have been receiving expense related moneys or stipends on a continuous basis, receiving checks every two-to two and one half months apart. So, up-to-date I have received loan disbursements around 6 times.

On several occasions I have notice that the dates posted on my accounting page at the Kaplan web-site have been changed to reflect a more closely related receiving, and disbursement date. For example, let say the day of a particular disbursement was on the 10 of one month, when the money was actually distributed was the 27, then the 10th was changed to the 27th. In other words as to cover up the lag in actual time of delivery. This is probably done since I was told that the dates posted in the computer were made up / random / meaningless, and deceptive dates.

This is my current situation, which after countless phone calls, and a visit to Kaplan’s corporate office I have been unable to alleviate. On June 16th when the posted date on my Kaplan financial statement page showed that a disbursement was to be made, and mailed to me, and was not, I contacted Kaplan financial aid department. I was told that the Bach(s) dated for the 16th was “messed-up”, by one of their representatives, and had been pushed to the 23rd of July, over a month later. Then she decided to put the date back to the 16th of June. At some point this date was then again moved to the 23rd of July.

I have now communicated with Direct Loans [protected]) on three different occations and have been told that the funds have been ready for Kaplan, and for disbursement on June 9th, 2010. The Fallowing are a brief summary of the different reasons that Kaplan financial aid department has used as excuses to why the funds have not been mailed to me as of July 28, 2010:

1) We are still waiting for Direct Loans to release the funds. (Funds have been ready since June 9th, 2010)

2) I have given your information to an expediter and they will call you back with-in 72 hours. (Never called back)

3) The Dean has created a new processes which has delayed the process, and that is why is taking longer.

4) We started a new financial year on the 1st of July, and since we did not get the funds from the lender by the 1st of July the funds have been delayed.

5) I visited Kaplan’s Corporate Ft. Lauderdale office on July 12, 2010, and was given a persons name of Fred Chalmers at [protected] I called and left a message for him, but he never called me back. Furthermore, I got an e-mail address for Annemarie Ingino, attached to this letter is her response. In her response she assure me that the funds were going to be mailed out on the 23rd of July, and that they were going to be mailed out to me overnight, so that I would have the check on the 27th of July. This is from Kaplan’s Corporate office, I never got a check!

6) On July 26th 2010 I called financial Aid, and was advised by the Kaplan representative that he had checked the Direct loan web-site, and that the funds had not been disbursed as of yet. I called the Direct loan origination department right after speaking with the Kaplan rep., and was surprised to hear a recorded message stating that their web site was down. Moreover, after speaking with a representative I was advised, (and this is now the third –time) that the funds had been disbursed to Kaplan and that I needed to contact the school to find out what the problem was.

7) I have called the Financial Aid department at Kaplan, explained my problem, and told by the representative that they were going to check on the situation to hold please, but the person never got back on the phone.

8) I even called the academic advising department to get the deans name, and the address to the corporate office, and the person would not give me either one.

9) All of the conversations have been recorded by Kaplan University, so that all that I’m stating in this letter can be verified.

This is the problem that I’m facing now, I have been in school for almost 2 years, and have been receiving living expense checks on a continuous basis. I have a job, which helps me supplement these funds until I can finish my education, and get a better job. So, when my funds are kept by Kaplan for two months, and now it has been over 3 3/4 months since my last disbursement there is a problem, which will be leaving me, and my Family (I have a 2 ½ son, and his Mother) homeless.

The biggest ethical issue here is that, if Kaplan University is holding on to these funds in an interest earning account, then I should be entitled to the interest from this account. Furthermore, why are they entitled to use my funds for their gain at my expense, and hardship. How long can a School hold moneys which do not belong to them, these are loans that I have to payback. These loans are Federal Loans, does the federal Government have any rules/laws on how long a school can hold these funds for.
It’s clear that someone here is not telling the truth, on one hand I have Kaplan telling me that they are waiting for the Federal Government, and on the other we have the Direct loans a lending department funded by federal government telling me it’s Kaplan responsibility of disbursing these funds. At this point I have lost so much, and hope that this letter is investigated so that other students will not have to undergo this up-and-down nightmare. One thing is for sure, I wish I would have never enrolled at Kaplan University and will never forget this situation. To me this is part of why this country is in such a financial disaster, greed!!!

Lastly, I now find myself in disbelieve in the many different stories that Kaplan University has told me. I sure hope that someone cares to help me with this disgusting situation. I find that a Higher Education institution should be setting an example for its students in how to be ethical and sincere. I’m not really sure how I will be able to finish my education without a home, a family, and a constructive experience, which getting a masters degree should have been, thank you for killing my dreams.


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  • Ka
      Jul 28, 2010

    Check Danny Weil's article about crap like this on specifically he talks about Kaplan's bad business practices and how it is going to ruin people like you.

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  • Le
      Aug 10, 2010

    Kaplan University is holding my funds too and I have heard all of the complaints posted in your comments. I am consulting an attorney for a class action suit. This is rediculous that they can tamper with FEDERAL STUDENT loan monies. I am suspicious of embezzlement after reading all of your comments. I have also contacted the White House asking for help. EVERYONE needs to contact the higher education commission and file a complaint against Kaplan University. We need to unite!!!

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  • As
      Aug 16, 2010

    Kaplan University is doing the same thing to me! I am in my second term and they are holding my loans from me. I was suppost to recieve my student stipend for my first term in May and still have not recieved it, I am almost half way through my second term and still have not recied my second term stipend. I keep calling and complaing, everytime I do this I am promised that it is being processed and I will get it on such an such a date. at one point I recieved an e-mail from Kaplan telling me that I would be recieving my stipends for each term on specific dates, those dates have come and gone. Today I have been on hold for over two hours waiting to talk to someone to figure out what is going on. I don't know what to do. I feel like dropping out of Kaplan and transferring into a better college because this is wrong, I am waisting soooooo much valuable time on the phone with the financial aid department being lied to. I need advice please. how do you get in touch with the educational department? thank you

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  • Ih
      Aug 20, 2010

    This is happening to me as well. I just sat on the phone for 4 hours today, no one answered! Just put it on speaker and walked away. It has been 7 weeks and I have been getting the run around. They lie so much it is pathetic. According to direct loans my money was dispersed on 6/30 well here it is August 20th and still nothing. Excuse one right after another. How do these people sleep at night knowing they are putting people out on the street!
    Their is a class action lawsuit at hand here The attorney is listed on this page. Including a lot of current info on the fraud of Kaplan.

    Hopefully they will soon lose their federal funding

    I will have a huge celebration that day for sure!!! They deserve to bit of their own medicine.

    Also file a BBB complaint

    They currently have 572 complaints filed.

    And most of all post everywhere on the web including their facebook pages about this school. Everyone needs to know who they are dealing with.

    Please everyone let's stay in touch for the outcome email me at [protected]

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  • Ka
      Aug 26, 2010

    I have been contacting Kaplan's Financial Aid office on several occasions via telephone and email in reference to the disbursement of my Educational Expense Loan which I have yet to receive. The application was submitted months ago and I have received the Disclosure Statement on 6/14/2010 indicating that the funds were released to your institution on 6/21/2010.

    I contacted Kaplan on August 3rd and was told that due to some "unknown" reason the disbursement was delayed and that it would take 15 days for these to be released. That time lapsed and I did not receive the funds. I contacted the office again on Aug 23rd and was told that despite what the previous representative had communicated on 8/3 that the funds were still not being released and that I would have to wait another 15 days.

    I did the same as mentioned by others and contacted the Ombudsman's Office, as well as the BBB. I plan to contact local news papers and the media as well until this issue is resolved. I think all of us need to come together and fight back. I have been at other institutions that are larger than Kaplan and never had this issue. It is unacceptable to say the least.

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  • Em
      Sep 02, 2010

    I one check but it wasn't for the full amount I was suppose to get. Then I never got the check so it was voided after 30 days. Then they sent another one out and they told me it was going to be sent overnight and they had it sent to the wrong address so they say. Then they told me it was cashed, then they said they wouldn't be able to void it until 9/7 2010. I was suppose to receive this check on June 18, 2010, something ain't right! I am going through this again I am getting tired of getting the run around.

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  • Di
      Sep 06, 2010

    I happened to find this link by mistake, and boy am I glad!! I'm going through the same thing with Financial Aid Department. I enrolled in March, I was walked step by step with the financial aid rep on the phone. I stated that after my classes are covered by my loans and grants that I received, I wanted the funds to be sent to me. All was agreed, but when I requested my funds I was told that the check mark was not visibly seen, then, I was directed to website to download more papers, but before I could continue, I was told that I had been randomly selected through a machine to provide my tax information. I said, when did this happened, because I was never notified by phone, e-mail or letter. I told her that if I never called the school, I would have never known about being randomly selected for nothing, then, I was advised that if I did not produce the paperwork (tax papers and downloads request for return of funds, ) I would not be able to begin my classes I just completed. So I had to fax the paperwork to Kaplan University ASAP which cost a little over 14.00. I called them to let them know that the requested paperwork was faxed, I was confirmed, then, I was advised that my signature was missing from one of the documents. I asked her to recheck. Mind you I received a e-mailed this time requesting my signature. I informed the rep that I just faxed the information, and if I could possibly e-mailed it to her, I was shocked when she said, yes! Why? because when I asked the first time I was advised that the paperwork had to be faxed on top of everything else the conversations I had with the representatives was not documented correctly, have the conversation I was missing. Long story short I was suppose to receive 3 checks, the last time I was told that the paperwork was filled out wrong again, and I told Mr. Smith that the rep walked me through it, then I was told that I qualified for more money and will be he would be happy to assist me with that, I told him I need assistance with my refunds and you're offering me more grants, first things first, The sad thing is if I did not call I would not have known nothing, I was checking the mailbox for absolutely nothing. They told me that the first funds was returned, because I never requested the funds, I told her that was not the truth . I e-mailed the financial department again, received an e-mail on the 28th of August telling giving me a breakdown of my funds but still no refunds. I'm currently taking advanced classes in Bachelor's program for Forensic Psychology and I still waiting on my refunds. I was so upset that that I was going to quit school, he was willing to transfer me to Academic Advisor, I said what about my refund checks, but you're willing to transfer me. Needless to say today is September 6, 2010 and I still have not receive my refunds. Yes, I totally agree that someone needs to look into this matter or I will be changing to another class. I already informed CTU that I would get back with them before next semester starts. I did not realize there were other people going through the same ordeal. I explained to them that I am experiencing financial hardship and I am dire need of my refunds. Still no checks . Thanks for the information, much appreciation!

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  • Ah
      Sep 13, 2010

    I am getting the same run around from Kaplan that i have read in this complaint. My loan should have been paid out june 9, 2010, i called them today they said my check will be mailed tomorrow. LOL thats the 10th time i have been told that. If anyone gets any more information on why Kaplan is not paying out student loans or what i need to do PLEASE contact me

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  • As
      Sep 27, 2010

    I am also a victim of this and I am so upset as we speak! It takes 2 hours to get someone on the phone and when you do, they tell you that need to hold and then they hang up on you. I am so irritated that I have been trying to get my financial aid loan posted for 2 months. Every time that I call, they seem to have no idea why it has not posted. I called today and the same thing, they said that it has posted and it should be in by October 1. They then told me that I do not have a refund. I was told that I had a refund and that I should fill out the forms to have it sent to me. Now they tell me that they are getting $2, 300 for my loan and I only owe $1, 400 and that I do not get the refund. WHAT??????? I filled the forms out to have it sent to me. I only took classes for 3 weeks and now I owe this?????? I am so upset!!

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  • Ka
      Sep 29, 2010

    A group has been formed just for people like us and it is ONLY for people screwed by Kaplan schools (online, on the ground, CHI affiliates, etc...) It's and I urge you all to join. We are mobilizing by calling attorneys to get info about a class action against Kaplan and we are contacting the members of the HELP (Senate Ed Committee) and the Dept of Ed. We have great resources and links posted by our moderators.

    It is time we made our voices heard so go to Yahoo and join now!

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  • La
      Oct 15, 2010

    The Florida Attorney General's Office of Economic Crimes is looking for Kaplan students with problems just like these. Rene Harrod is asking for all students to email her. She has a couple of forms for you to fill out so she can begin the process of investigating them for Economic Crimes. Here's her contact info: rene.[protected]

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  • Fe
      Dec 02, 2011

    Every last semester Kaplan holds students money until the last second and we are the ones who has to pay this money back not them and if i wast almost done i would find another school. It makes no sense that i take out loans to help me while i am in Grad school to help fray cost so that i can focus on my studies and every time i have a credit on my account i have to wait almost a month the get the funds. They act as though the money is coming out of their pockets i have had it with Kaplan somebody needs to do something about them

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  • Mi
      Nov 23, 2012

    I have had problems with there department more then once. They selected me for a random tax thingy too then after sending the the froms 4 times they finaly told me that my tax documents were wrong. I had to call the IRS to admind my taxes all over $23 the IRS said the school was stupid for making me file for $23. Now I am waiting until the 28th they say my check will be in then we shall see.

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  • Ro
      May 22, 2013

    Kaplan University has been a nightmare for me as well! They have messed up on my loans stating that they sent them back when they knew they weren't supposed to but I am still being charged the money. They have done that several times throughout my education with them. I have reached out to the registrar, the financial aid and other phone numbers there and have really got nowhere with it. I also reached out tot heir corporate headquarters and have only ever heard from them once for which they never returned any of my calls after that. The professor in my exam class didn't read the manual and we had to fight to be allowed to do our revisions which extended us out well beyond the class finish date but Kaplan dropped us after a certain amount of time so we had to fight to have that changed. Then we found out that they never changed it through our lenders and most of us went into past due with our student loans even though we were still in school waiting on the grades for our last class to come through so now I have had to use 2 months forbearance just to be able to defer my loans until I get into school. If there is a class action law suit I want in!!! I have a long story to tell and I want someone...anyone to listen to it. I am a military wife who is just trying to get ahead so that if my husband is ever injured in action, our family won't go under. I know that there are other military members and family members who have attended this school and have experienced the same issues. Kaplan should be forced into some kind of restitution for their actions as well as lose their accreditation.

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  • Ka
      Jun 05, 2013

    Rodeo Chic, I had the exact same problem with Kaplan. It has been a non stop nightmare with them since I started my Masters. If I had known it was going to be this much of a problem I would have counted my blessings that they did not do this during my B.S. I should have ran like the wind then, but I needed a Masters degree to get into the college for law school that I wanted to attend that was closest to my home without leaving the state. Kaplan University are dream killers.

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  • On
      Nov 03, 2013

    The problem as I see is that they are being allowed to hold onto your loan money, and either issue it to you (at their discretional date and time). The reason being is because they can only deduct your account balance from the loan money they are being sent, and are required by law to issue you the rest. If they hold onto the money long enough, they ensure you paying for an education at their school whether you are satisfied or not. If you aren't satisfied, then your loan money is being held in limbo when you decide to go to another school. The Department of Education has an OMBUDSMAN that handles all affairs such as this when it comes to these types of problems. They even have a website where you can fill out the information. I was contacted quickly when I filled out the information on their website. I would suggest doing the same. Hope this helps.

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  • Ka
      May 30, 2014

    Well im currently a student at kaplan my stipend posted 5 28 2014 lets see if i recieve my stundent loan left over money ill keep you all posted my first semistr as well

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  • Ka
      Jun 26, 2014

    I am having the same issues! My Iowa grants have been in ready to pay status since April 30, 2014. Iowa College Aid electronically sent the funds to Kaplan on the 16th of June, it I snow the 26th and Kaplan is claiming they have not received the funds. For two days they have told me they will have a manager/supervisor call me back about my grants and still...NOTHING! This has been going on since the day I started at Kaplan. I have 3 classes left to finish my Associates. All they will tell me is there is a delay in my grants DUH!!! so I am going on over 45 days now waiting for my grants. What is insane is once they go into paid status, Kaplan says they have 21 days to mail them and then it is another 5 business days before I receive it in the mail! I am so DONE! They have literally made me not even care of I have an education...WAY TA GO KAPLAN!!! I truly pray that Kaplan gets shut down! I contacted Iowa College Aid again and filled out a complaint form and they are supposed to be investigating Kaplan on my behalf, I will keep you updated as to what they find out.

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  • Mo
      Jul 07, 2014

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  • Br
      Jul 21, 2017

    @monkis We are students speaking about having loan problems dealing with no integrity and you pitch a loan. I mean really where do they do that at? You need to reevaluate your post.

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  • Jm
      Aug 04, 2014

    OMG!!! I am so relating to all these horrific stories regarding Kaplan University. I applied for my federal grants and loans waaaaay back in June and was approved and did what i was suppose to do s far as get them whatever documents they needed in a timely manner. Classes started on July 3rd 2014. I was informed that my grants and loans would be dispersed on July 30th 2014. I checked my student portal and it shows my grants and loans are ready to pay on August 6th 2014. I got all excited thinking I would receive my check in the mail by the 6th boyyyy was I wrong. It is now August 4th 2014 and I thought I would give financial aid a call just to check the status today and I was informed that my funds should post to my account on the 6th and my check should be mailed to me 14days AFTER my funds post to my account. If that is actually correct then i wouldn't receive my money til the end of this month which this semester or whatever Kaplan calls it will be damn near over. I mean how is a student suppose to buy what they need for their classes if they don't get their money til the damn semester is almost over. i am in need of purchasing a new laptop and that was the sole reason for me to take out loans. i am having to access my classes and homework from my cellphone and having to use the library for submitting all my work. This has all become ridiculous and out right insane to make your students wait so long for money that is legally owed to them. I am half tempted to say the hell w this college if i have to go thru this each and every semester. im so pissed and frustrated right now. and another thing how is it one class w them can cost$1855 im taking two classes and totals $3910 my grants and loans barely covered my tuition leaving me w a check of $757 which i am now waiting on. This is a damm nightmare.

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  • Wh
      Sep 28, 2015

    I am not alone wow. My story is almost identical to most of these stories. I had been trying to get a hold of someone anyone in the financial aid office at Kaplan for the past two weeks. Today I finally reached someone after waiting 35 minutes on the phone and via the school website chat, I was supposed to receive my stipend on Aug 11 and posted on 31 of August still nothing. I asked what the hold up was and the guy started talking about a check that I had received prior to what I was referring to. So, then I clarified myself again and he said something oh you mean **** [protected] which was exactly the same thing as the grant I was referring to in the first place when he mentioned something about a check from unsub tuition. My reply to him at that point was, "so you do know what I am referring too". Then he started talking about my scholarship and never really answered my question until later long story short he said he would put a ticket on it and get mailed out within 3 days. He never said why it had not been mailed. The person I spoke with on the phone gave a completely different response which made no sense what so ever and said it would be 21 days from the date my scholarship posted on the Sep 25 that they were just going to combine the amount together. So who knows . By then I will have no electricity no internet.

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  • Ga
      Nov 08, 2015

    I am glad to see that I am not alone in the existing on going misuse of Federal Funds for Students attending Kaplan University. Numerous times my disbursement dates where changed. Disbursement money was less than advised. Also I had to pay for classes dropped within the 10 day grace period. Kaplan's response was that I was not a new student and was only allotted 5 days.

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  • Ja
      Nov 30, 2015

    I too have the same issue. So, what is the end result here? This has been going on far too long.

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  • Sh
      Dec 16, 2015

    Wow I thought that I was the only one going through this. I haven't received my check since August. I have called these people a thousand times and they keep making up the excuse that they are redoing the portal. This got to be against the law and if anyone have any information, a phone numbers to a lawyer or any information please get in contact with me. They would not give me the number to the cooperate office. I am feed up with this. I wished I would have known this before I signed up for this rip-off. Everything that is in the comment boxes is the exact same things that is going on with, me my cousin, and two friends that are enrolled in this school.

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  • Tl
      Jan 02, 2016

    I have had the same problem that’s been posted here several times from different people. The most recent was Sept. 2015 term Class began on the Sept. 23. Were posted on Sept. 29th and the funds from financial aid posted received Oct. 8, This term I received my refund from aid on schedule as in the past I had not. Dates would change to correspond with the distribution time line laws. I however took pictures of the posting when first documented and after they had been changed for my records as I began to become suspicious of how the money was being handled. This is the absolute crazy thing; the Sept. term $100.00 Federal Supplement money never was posted. I finally called and was told that the money distributed came first come first serve and depending on the financial need. I replied that there shouldn’t had been a problem then because i filed for my renewal of financial aid on March 22 and the SAR report was processed on the 23rd and I am disable so I know my family contribution is zero. Next, it I was told Kaplan doesn't process the aid reports until about a week before classes start. Therefore, I asked how you determine who gets the money or what was the point of me filing early to ensure I would qualify early then she said they still hadn't received any of the Funds from the Dept. of Education yet they were waiting on them... Therefore, after about a week or two i began thinking maybe I should call again and speak to another, well this person told me the Dept. of Education had not awarded Kaplan any Supplement money for that term and I would not be receiving any. Right then i thought this is crap, so I called the Dept. of Education and was informed they had sent the funds. Called again was told they would make a note to have the check sent out. Waited and waited on Dec.15 the account was credited $ 100.00 the funds from the supplemental money. It took them 83 days from the time classes began to send me a $ 100.00 check. The second term had begun already. Needless to say my Scholarship money was posted and credited on my account on Dec. 18 but I check has still not been cut. I am half way into the second term now which began Dec.9th and the financial aid for this term has not posted as paid yet and it should be posted by now and a refund check cut within 14 days legally. if am correct in reading the rules a 10 week term with credit hours half of the term should be completed before refunding. I don't see it happing especially since I had received scholar money from last term yet still. There is something going here it seems to me. I am concerned the college is in a financial mess. I wish this mess would straighten its self out soon. With as many complaints and comment made from so many it is hard to understand why someone hasn’t stepped up and resolved the issues. I am disable just as another mentioned in an earlier post and I have a small child and trying to use my phone as an internet connection to have classes with, one because it enables me to stay home and have classes and learn instead of running around town with a small child trying to catch a free connection. It’s hard enough trying to learn with someone calling you every 2 to 5 min. needing or wanting something. I just gave up on thinking about a sitter or some kind of day care to pitch in so I could have time for my classes alone. It’s throw a rock and sees what it hits and whom you can pay now as it is. In addition, you have no idea if you will see your little refund helper anytime in the near future or not so that’s not reliable help.

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  • St
      Sep 02, 2017

    Kaplan is keeping my $$ too. My funds were released to them on Aug 20th I got all my disclosure statements from the government. Kaplan states they sent them back because my dob is wrong. Although they have my drivers license, shot records, GED test scores, all that have the correct DOB on each document. It is their mistake and they are trying to say I am the one that needs to correct it. Although, for MONTHS it has been 1 excuse after the other about why my $$ has not posted. I am contacting the title IV office to file a formal complaint and see what legal actions I can take against them. If anyone would like to get with me on this and see what legal actions we can take please feel free to email me at [protected]

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  • St
      Sep 02, 2017

    @Stefanie Smart Fafsa is NOT showing any funds were returned and that Kaplan has received and has 13, 000 in grant & loan money that they are keeping!! They are way past the 14 days in which I am to be refunded my $$.

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