JustFlyticket number [protected] not what I paid for.

J Nov 22, 2017

I requested for December 8 to 10, but received a ticket for December 6 to 8. The website changed my dates when I paid. It took more than usual to get the transaction approved. When it approved that is when I noticed that there was something wrong with the itinerary. I called their customer service within 30 seconds. A lady who could hardly speak English told me that I would lose $200.00 as a penalty for changing dates or cancellation.

I agued with her vehemently until she had me connected to her supervisor, who also spoke very bad English. It was when I asked for the CEO's telephone number when she reduced the penalty to $75. I was still fuming angry even with that.

I put her on hold while I called my bank to stop the payment. The gentleman at the bank assured me that it would take 48 hours before the payment can be processed, since the following day was Thanks Giving Day.

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