JustFlychanging a name on a ticket

My name is Terry Celeste Morgan. I booked a ticket on justfly leaving from Philadelphia to Orlando on 12/24/18 going to Orlando returning on 12/28/18. I am flying out on Spirit and returning on American Airlines. The trip is for myself and my daughter. I followed the instructions to put in both names and date of births however once booked the information came out wrong. My name was on the ticket twice, once as Ms. Terry Celeste Morgan, and again as Terry Celeste Morgan. I am not sure why or how this happen but I did not put my information in the system this way. It makes no sense to do this, when the trip is for me and my daughter. Once I realize this mishap, I contacted justfly, I was informed to call Spirit to correct the problem and I was only told the problem was to correct the error of the word Ms. I did that and they correct the problem. I check my tickets days later and notice that my name was on the ticket twice. I called justfly again and again told to call the airline. I contacted Spirit and told them the problem without any hesitation they corrected the problem. I contacted American Airlines and was told justfly could fix the problem and when I contact justfly they told me it's nothing they can do American Airlines has to fix the problem so now I am getting the run around. I explained to both companies how this is a trip for me and my daughter to help us through the holidays due to me losing my son. We are struggling emotionally and financially, we thought getting away would help us try to regroup. However since justfly and America Airlines only solution to my problem was to buy another ticket instead of just changing the names, I had to put another purchase on my credit card. I don't think this is fair and I would like a refund for the ticket I purchase. This may not be a lot of money for your company but $152.20 is for someone like me and my family. I don't have a copy of the document but my booking number is [protected] if you look at it you will see the names twice no one would make this mistake. I am hoping you can fine a better way to help me. Although I must say your agents Mr. Friday and Ms.Gam were extremely helpful but agent Mr. Rass was not professional at all. He put me on hold and never told me . I stayed on hold and used another phone to call back and that's when I got your agent Gam. Mr. Rass also cut me off a few times and was just rude. So I do thank the agents that tried to help me with my matter.

Dec 05, 2018

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