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So my initial goal was to to complaint about unsatisfactory delivery and how bad of an experience I had with just flowers. But... They made it right, made us happy and that's the reason I wanted to leave a review. I delivered flowers early on friday the april 17 for delivery that same day. At 6 pm on that night they were not delivered yet. I called justflowers help line and they told me after a brief hold that the flowers were on the way and the driver was stuck in traffic. Then I called again and I was told this time that according to their record the flowers were delivered at 5 pm that day. What a lie I thought and called my sister to double check but as it turns out my sister did not receive the flowers promised by just flowers on the 17th at all. It was too late to call them back again and I decoded to wait until the following morning. But in the morning I got a call from one of just flowers managers, teresa who apologized for the delay and all the confusion with the order. It turns out she did here own investigation and found out that the driver lied to customer service and never delivered the flowers for reasons unknown. So she offered me a $10 discount and offered to redeliver that day for free since it was their issue with a card of apology. That day my sister finally received her flowers and they were just beautiful and gorgeous she stayed very happy and was glad to receive them from me. Being far away is not easy and things like that make you think that just flowers are doing a good job making customers happy. I could have been raving about all their bad customer service etc but in the end, who doesn't make mistakes. Even our own usps has lost so many of my packages. The way just flowers manager explained to me there are so many variables and small little details we as customer never pay attention to that take place behind the scenes of a big flower company like just flowers so a slight mistake anywhere along the way can cause your order not delivered. Anyways - they also gave me $20 off my next order and made me satisfied in the end. I hope that review helps them. I think I will order from them again with a coupon next time.

Jul 22, 2016

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