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I have to admit, I'm a Joss and Main groupie. However, I think we are in for a separation. I order a rug 2 weeks ago. Received the rug and it was the wrong rug. Called J&M and was told that the warehouse made an error and they'd send another rug. After examining the picture I called back an hour later and said I thought they had a description/picture error. Upon their further investigation they agreed. I was told they stopped the 2nd order and is hear from the warehouse within 3 weeks to collect the rug. They even added, if I didn't hear from the warehouse, then keep the rug. Rug number 2 still arrived. Still the wrong rug. I called J&M for the 3rd time to tell them I now had 2 incorrect rugs. They gave me a return number, said to attach to the first rug and hold on to the second until I hear from the warehouse. Fed ex shows up, takes the first rug and leaves a note saying they were told to pick up 2 rugs. Not what I was told! Emailed J&M and got a rude reply saying that I must have misunderstood the directions and I should have checked the email. Ok, I checked the email. It said 1 rug pick up. He tells me that I'm not getting a credit until they have all rugs. Fast forward. Phone call number 7 to Koss and Main. Fed ex arrives today to take the second rug and tells me I still owe a rug. Huh? I call J&M to inform them they now have both rugs! I did get my credit but here I am 2 weeks later, no rug AND NEVER EVER ONCE DID I RECEIVE AN APOLOGY! I was just made to feel it was all my error! Ummm, no!! They've lost my business.

Apr 12, 2016

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