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On 05/13/2012, I ordered a Spiga 7-piece dining set as part of an $8, 300. Jordan's Furniture purchase for our new home. The furniture was delivered and everything was assembled by the Jordan's delivery people. Our dining room set remained, unused, in our dining room until our first family holiday gathering Thanksgiving week of 2015. As we were setting the dining room table, we noticed a considerable bowing in the middle of it. We thought maybe the extension leaf was not locked in properly so we looked at the underside of the table. We discovered a white tab with two screws in it was wedged in the in the runners on one side of the table. We also discovered that the wooden runners were not against the underside of the table for support, essentially, the runners were broken - hence, the bowing. We had nothing to do with the setup and assembly of the dining table. We now have an unstable, unusable dining room table. I called Jordan's and sent an email to "customer service" through the Jordan's Furniture website on 11/28/15. Attached to that email were photos of the underside of the table showing the white plastic piece and the runners. I received a call from Jordan's on 11/30/15 stating that the photos were reviewed and it was determined that the runners were "broken". I have been on the phone and emailing Jordan's "customer service" since Thanksgiving, when we first noticed the issue. The fact that the bowing of the table stemmed from the improper assembly of the table (by not removing the plastic piece resulting in excessive and constant pressure against the runners, breaking them) was of no concern to the customer service representatives. What "customer service" focused on was that the table had a one year manufacturer's warranty that had expired. I was told that, as a courtesy, the runners in question would be ordered from the manufacturer (11/30/15). I heard nothing from Jordan's as a follow-up over the past 2 weeks, so I called them today (12/12/15). I was informed that the manufacturer no longer made this particular dining room table and the runners were no longer available. The best Jordan's was willing to do was to issue a $200 store credit to my account. "Customer service" used every excuse to avoid fixing or replacing this table. I found the exact dining table in a few other Jordan's stores and asked "customer service" if I could just exchange the table. After all, it was the improper assembly of the table by Jordan's employees that caused the breaking of the runners resulting in the bowing of the table. I was told that an exchange could not be done because the coloring of the table would not match the chairs that I originally purchased with the dining set. I asked if the runners could be taken from one of the tables available at the other stores. I was told by "customer service" that the tables were not made the same. "Customer service" offered to send a tech out to my home to assess what could be done to repair the table. The available dates were either Christmas Eve Day or New Year's Eve Day. Like the holidays are not stressful enough without a company playing games and making half-hearted attempts to placate a customer who has a legitimate problem caused by the company. In dealing with Jordan's customer service, it was apparent that the only party they were interested in satisfying was themselves. I spoke with a Kathy, Toni, Andrea, and a few others during the course of trying to get some customer satisfaction. All we want is a stable, usable dining table. I spoke directly with salespeople at area Jordan's Furniture stores and they told me the color match was not an issue and that the making of that table had not changed since they had been working at those stores, which was more than 5 years each. The bottom line is that Jordan's Furniture did not stand behind the quality and assembly of this dining table. They did not take responsibility for the improper assembly of this dining table by their employees. They refused to replace the dining table even though area stores had available stock to make this situation right, very simply. This has been a very frustrating and unpleasant experience. I would actually consider going to Bernie & Phyl's instead of Jordan's Furniture in the future because of the awful "customer service". That is something I never thought I would consider.

Dec 12, 2015

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