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I was walking around before work in an area surrounded by restaurants. I stopped into one and was talking with my friend, Chris, to kill time before work and he set down a glass of white wine on the bar top. Next thing I know, my manager, Caity, showed up out of nowhere and spatted at me, "There's alcohol in front of you! You can't come in tonight!" Then she left. I didn't get to say a word. She upset me so I had a few drinks. Why not? I called and talked to her later but I don't remember much except I don't have a job anymore. Everything would've been fine had she not stalked me. She scares me. The host at the restaurant I went to said she was watching me through the windows. Creepy! She left the Johnny Catino's Property and followed me with no idea of where I was going. Then she watched me through the restaurant windows and freaked out the teenage host. She made a scene in a restaurant long before I was due to be at work. This is my complaint.

Jul 25, 2018

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