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I just bought a dress and the seams were all uneven the whole right side of the dress was almost in the front so you could see this big line going down the front of my hip and when I took it to alterations to get it fixed (which I shouldn't have to do)they said they couldn't even fix it, it was so uneven in the back and side it would cost more to fix it than what the dress is even worth, she said it looked terrible and that she had never seen a dress so bad! big waste of money! oh and by the way the material was cheap not anything like the picture, it was dull not shining silk and instead of jewels it had sequins in alot of the spots. DON'T BUY A DRESS FROM HERE!!! It's garbage now cause I can't sell it and JJ's House won't take returns and if they do (which you will have to hassle them) you will only get 50% of your money back and it takes months cause they are in Hong Kong.

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  • Fi
      Nov 19, 2011

    That company address is in HK.
    According to what you describe, the dress may probably be a defected good.
    If your dress has not yet been fixed or altered, you may try to consult:

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  • Fa
      Dec 14, 2011

    "I got a dress on Saturday, don't get me wrong they were certainly prompt with the delivery. The problem is the dress.
    Before opening i found the invoice for $20 for the dress made from 100% polyester. I was a little upset as spent over £100 for a made to measure dress.

    The dress... ermmmm a blind man with no fingers would have been more experienced i think to put this dress together.
    There are large areas that are not stitched, the hems are not even or sewn correctly, the dress does not sit correctly due to uneven darts on the back, there are also large areas that you can see have beenunstitchedd and restitched, the dress looks awful.

    Request for a refund!!!

    Started with 20% and it is normal for stitching to be loose??
    now offered 35% for seamstress to sort??

    i have spend over £100 and they want me to pay to get it repaired, are they from Pluto???
    i would not expect this from a £20 dress never mind an expensive dress and i need it for this Saturday, i cannot wear it and i have used all the money i had for the ball. I'm not a rich person, but it appears the company is by selling shoddy outfits and then not giving you your money back

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  • Be
      Apr 25, 2012

    I bought a custom bridesmaid's dress from them. It was supposed to be knee length, but when it arrived, the hem was uneven and ranged from 9-10 inches too long. I have been fighting with customer service since then. They keep insisting that they made the dress correctly and that I need to show them photos. I keep explaining that, unless they think my knee is only 7" inches off the ground, they did not make the dress correctly and that I HAVE uploaded photos. All they need to do to see the photos, is scroll up to the top of the message. This has been a very frustrating experience. I would strongly discourage anyone from buying from them EVER.

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