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I saw where a customer, Barbara lynn lee complained on this facebook page only to be attacked by numerous people, which some appear to be employees by your company. Every time I posted something in defense of the customer, my comments were whited out and deemed as spam. I would like to know what Jimmy John's is allowing people to get away with intimidation. They can delete these comments or say something. Are they trying to discourage legit complaints? Now you either do something about this or I will find somebody that will. I find it odd how this Adrienna Rhiana Shooks commented and then the rest piled on whenever I know for a fact that she works for Jimmy John's. See below

‎Barbara Lynn Lee‎ to Jimmy John's
September 14 at 6:45pm ·
We normally love Jimmy Johns. However, when we received our recent order; it looked like we got the end of the ham.
It was all gristle and couldn't chew and was covered completely in onions; looked like the whole onion in slices.
The order was supposed to be a Billy Bobs with no lettuce, regular tomatoes and provolone cheese. ...
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Marissa Rappaport
Marissa Rappaport Why are you punishing the driver who didn't make the sandwich?
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Your Pettiness Is Amusing
Your Pettiness Is Amusing The driver didn't make your food. You're a [censor] for not tipping them.
Like · Reply · 11 · Yesterday at 3:13am
Hillary Lydia
Hillary Lydia Yeah, go you! You really showed that poor underpaid driver who had nothing to do with making your sandwich. Also, that's how most exchanges work. You have to return the product to get the new one. Common sense. Also looking through all of your 1 star reviews, it's blatantly obvious that you're a genuinely miserable person who has to try to bring others down to elevate your own self worth. How sad.
Like · Reply · 12 · Yesterday at 3:40am
Jill Parslow
Jill Parslow Too bad you didn't choke on that gristle, you cheap [censor]. I doubt your ever tip.
Like · Reply · 7 · Yesterday at 4:31am
David Brzezon
David Brzezon Nice, stiffing the driver that had nothing to do with making your sandwich. I'm sure they will remember the next time get an order from you.
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Kim Morris
Kim Morris You sound like someone who finds anything wrong just to be a [censor].
Like · Reply · 6 · Yesterday at 6:00am
Lola Monty
Lola Monty I'm sure the replacement sandwich was very moist since they probably added some extra fluids.
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3 Replies · 47 mins
Hannah Setser
Hannah Setser Geez quit being such a [censor] waffle
Like · Reply · 6 · Yesterday at 7:12am
Cortney Bloom
Cortney Bloom So you punished the person that didn't even make the sandwich. Wow. You suck!
Like · Reply · 6 · Yesterday at 7:23am
Samantha Kern
Samantha Kern The driver didn't make the sandwich you idiot, he doesn't deserve to be stiffed. As far as the sandwich, people try and scam companies all the time for free stuff, which is why they want tne sandwich back to prove you didn't eat it all and are trying to get a free meal.
Like · Reply · 6 · Yesterday at 7:39am
Jimmy John's
Jimmy John's I'm sorry we didn't meet your expectations Barb. We're always happy to replace an incorrect sandwich, but we ask for the wrong one back because some people may try to take advantage and give the other sandwich to a friend. It's nothing personal! I'm happy to share your feedback with my teammate who works with the store. Could you please PM me the location, your best contact information and address?
Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 7:40am
Sarah Finney
Sarah Finney Stop rewarding bad behavior.
Like · Reply · 5 · Yesterday at 9:00am
Rick Keller
Rick Keller Hey JJ, maybe you should let this, *ahem* "lady", know that your drivers don't make the sandwiches, so she's being a royal [censor] for stiffing the poor kid?
Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 9:11am
Kim Kas
Kim Kas ^ I agree.
Why encourage such awful behavior from your customers ?
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 9:38am
Barbara Lynn Lee
Barbara Lynn Lee Your explanation makes better sense and understand totally; that wasn't what was explained. We have ordered from JJ for quite a few years; almost every other week. It was the first time that the meat was mostly gristle and bread hard and not complet...See More
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Sarah Finney
Sarah Finney Make your own food.
Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 9:46am
Lola Monty
Lola Monty Did you put it down the garbage disposal? Fish it out of the trash honey.
Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 9:48am
Clint Guidry

You deserve nothing.
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Ingrid Bruns
Ingrid Bruns of course they want the bad one back, or people would just be getting extra free sandwiches all day. Do you think they just started this business yesterday?? And stiffing the driver is IGNORANT and HATEFUL but, be proud of the fact that you are going t...See More
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Sarah Finney
Sarah Finney Dear everyone who reads this.

Don't be like Barbara.
Like · Reply · 9 · Yesterday at 8:59am
Ashley Schmidt
Ashley Schmidt You're a [censor]. You know that, right?
Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 9:34am
Liz Lavery
Liz Lavery [censor]. I hope you get your food spat in.
Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 9:48am
Lemmywinks Pillowpants
Lemmywinks Pillowpants How did you know your sandwich tasted bad before you didn't tip? Its not like you make the driver wait while you taste the sandwich...although it wouldn't surprise me these days if you did.
Like · Reply · 7 · Yesterday at 10:14am
Carolyn Ingold
Carolyn Ingold So if you buy a pair of jeans, and they are defective, do you expect the store to just give you the correct ones without returning the other?
Like · Reply · 5 · Yesterday at 10:59am · Edited
Clint Guidry
Clint Guidry The 👏driver 👏 doesn't 👏make👏the👏food👏you👏bleach👏blonde👏cheapskate👏.
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Samantha Kern
Samantha Kern If you weren't wanting anything, and just wanted to make them aware like you replied to JJ, then you would have still tipped the driver you [censor].
Like · Reply · 5 · Yesterday at 11:15am
Heather Morgan
Heather Morgan If you wanted to make them aware, you skipped a few steps.

1. Tip the driver who brought you your food so your lazy [censor] didn't have to get it...See More
Like · Reply · 5 · Yesterday at 11:46am
Kim Kas
Kim Kas I guess you could go back to cooking children in your oven.
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4 Replies · 46 mins
Manda NA
Manda NA Of course they want the problem sandwich back, do you know how many people try to scam a meal out of places like this? Not to mention they could also follow up with the employee if it's an acceptable practice. They were making up for the food you were given, What are you complaining about? You're ridiculous.
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Sherri 'Boozer' Little
Sherri 'Boozer' Little You didn't tip the driver???? How did you know the sandwich was bad before they left?
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Sep 16, 2017

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