Jiffy Lube International / oil change disaster

Nashville, TN, United States

After getting an oil change 20 days ago the alert to get an oil change came on. Thinking it was a simple oversight of resetting the oil change system until there were pools of oil on our driveway. This is only the second oil change on my new car and it was done before a long road trip.
After discovering the large amount of oil on the driveway and smelling burning oil for a few days I looked into the problem. I took it up to the store I had it done at and they did not seem concerned by the mistake they made. THE OIL FILTER WAS NOT TIGHTENED!! Someone went under and tightened it, said they cleaned it up as good as possible, and disappeared. No one offered to contact a manager, refund my money, or even direct me out of the bay.
The lack of care during the oil change and lack of concern when the issue was brought to their attention is beyond unacceptable.
I expect to hear a response as soon as possible to resolve this issue. There is no reason this simple task should have been missed. I will be having my car checked at a reputable car service to see if any damage has been done beyond the immense amount of oil on the undercarriage.

Jun 26, 2017

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