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J G Wentworth is a predator. Preying on the unsuspecting...
my son was advanced $17000.00 in 1996 he paying back $400.00 a month..they have garnished his insurance far they made $50.000.00 ..we tried to take them to court nobody can help even the FBI knows and have many complaints about them...they have many different addresses..I even tried the news media to bring attention to JG Wentworth...

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  • J3
      Mar 01, 2009

    email me; my daughter was taken for 300k. [protected]

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  • Se
      Jun 02, 2009

    Anyone who would like to have a class action suit against JG Wentworth, please email: [protected]

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  • Me
      Jul 29, 2009

    they are liars... they give you an advance and say you dont have to pay it back but when they mess up and you go elsewhere they try to go after you...dont go with them ever you will regret it i yourself the headache and go with someone else

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  • Cu
      Aug 22, 2010

    I also went with JG Wentworth..My annuity was worth alot of money and now I am in debt to them til 2017, I believe it is..I've not seen any of my money since 1996. I was a single mom and desperate. They kept contacting me when I was able to sell more of my annuity to them and i stupidly did this more than once.. At the time it seemed like a great idea and I never really knew what I was doing due to economic hardship and the stress of losing everything I had. I am currently looking for loopholes in my contract. I do know not long ago that JG Wentworth filed bankruptcy. When I called them about it they couldn't help me. All I wanted to know is if I will still receive my money back when my contracts were payed off...if anyone here knows anything about the law..Does JG Wentworth filing bankruptcy cause any kind of loophole or default with our money? At the time I called them about this I had received yet another letter to sell more of my annuity..I told them no over the phone and asked them to take me off their mailing list for future sales..I still receive these letters. I am in no way blaming anyone for my doing this. I blame myself and my lack of judgement and education in these matters. pls e-mail me at : [protected] if anyone has figured all this out..

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  • Us
      Dec 14, 2011

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  • Jd
      Sep 05, 2012

    So you are upset that you signed a contract for a financial transaction and 15 years later you regret it? Doesn't seem like JGW is at fault here.

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  • La
      May 15, 2014

    i went with this company in 2005 i was getting re marrried and needed a little help...oh right they helped alright i got 8700 dollars and they took 87, 000 now i have nothing i wish i could sue them and make them pay for what they did to me and others

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  • La
      Jul 01, 2014

    maybe if enough people went to the press or have one rep speaks for us all someone might listen...

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  • Ja
      Dec 25, 2014

    hey don't feel lonely they even screwed the victims of sept. 2001 911 terrorist attacts someone needs to write congressmen governers senaters anyone in Washington d.c. where they create and change laws so something can truly be done if none of us tha got screwed don't have the getup to do this we will never get any of our money back

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  • Al
      Feb 11, 2015

    hi everyone jg wenthworth pray on disable people such as my self they took over a one hundred dollars from me and i'm homeless
    buy guess what let's all get together and go after them let's put this on facebook, , and more! i have not gave up i have found alot of fake signatures on contracts please e-mail me @ ward.[protected]@gmail. com someone need to listen to us or call me alfredetta ward [protected] thanks i need my lawer to here you all stories

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  • Tw
      Apr 17, 2017

    @alfredetta ward If you still working with the lawyer please call me and my husband [protected] thanks

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  • Sb
      Jun 30, 2015

    J G Wentworth - 3 2 1 Henderson Rcbs. never stopped trying to get hold of a dying man's income, denied by a judge in court, against the '03 Settlement protection laws ( for disabled and dependents needed monthly income) they had no powers or legal contract but went ahead and changed his beneficiary, admitted it as "No big deal" after he died and admitted they had no contract with him.
    So where's the justice? The Government's laws only mean one must pay lawyers for any justice? One can share the complaints with advertisers, and other people. I think this is a major law suit.

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  • Bi
      Oct 07, 2016

    STOP being so stupid and you won't lose your money to these

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  • An
      Aug 15, 2018
    JG Wentworth - Advertising
    United States

    Please get rid of those god awful commercials!!! you need a new advertising company. you have had the same commercials for years. I don't know anyone who likes them. do you just not care what potential customers think (even though your reviews are as bad as the commercials. doesn't anyone in your firm have some different ideas??

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  • Ja
      Sep 10, 2018
    J.G. Wentworth - TV Commercial
    United States

    Group singing in white. This commercial is disgusting and a nusicance. How about a silent one. People will still get the message.

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  • Ri
      Sep 11, 2018
    J.G. Wentworth - Commercial
    Radnor, PA
    United States

    This commercial is ok but the problem is they play it over and over and over and over.To see it once in awhile isn't so bad but they show it repeatedly. Wish there was a commercial ad blocker for television.

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  • Mi
      Oct 15, 2018
    J.G. Wentworth - Ads
    Bakersfield california
    United States

    These ads are dumb. I know the words. STOP viewing these ads.

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  • Ja
      Oct 07, 2019
    The J.G. Wentworth Company - Money lending
    United States

    Don't these advertising geniuses watch their own commercials? I'd like to put them in a room and make them watch their annoying commercial over and over again...
    These people probably get paid unbelievable sums to insult our intelligence... seriously!!?!! Who are these idiots??!!!

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