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March 12 2017 around 4pm Terminal 3 Egypt Air
A young lady walk in to see her parents before departure.The EgyptAir supervisor (Raquel) said you need to go back you are not a passenger(this was far outside security check, by the lines where bags are checked in). The woman did not leave, Raquel repeated her statement again. The woman then left. Raquel started cursing after the lady walked away. Raquel then started to angrily speak spanish to her coworker standing next to her. I mentioned there was not need for cursing. Raquel then covered her name tag with her fingers. I looked at her coworkers name tag and did not say anything. Raquel said why are you looking at her name tag? Do you have a problem? She then says, If you have a problem I am the supervisor you have to deal it with me. All this due to the fact I stared at her coworkers name tag. I said no I do not. She walked away. Although, the work environment can be stressful, workers should not behave unethically as she did. It is understandable that she may have been stressed out but there is no need for cursing or speaking another language, and at the same time bringing unnecessary information about, such as making a conflict of someone staring at a name tag.
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Mar 19, 2017

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