Jetstarcheck in staff

My name is Stephen Power
My wife and I booked a flight to Bali flying out of Brisbane June 7th to Bali returning June 16th
On arrival at the airport we checked in through Jetstar international airport
It was not until arrival in Bali that it it came up that the wife's passport would expire two weeks short of the six months required.

The airport in BAli questioned how Jetstar allowed us through check in when they knew the requirements for entry to Bali.
The Australian consulate in was called in Bali and they questioned how did Jetstar allow you through checkin knowing that your passport was not valid for Bali.
We spent 14 hours in Bali airport to be put on a plane back to Australia because Jetstar staff could not do their job correctly.

The Australian passport office was called only to be told that Jetstar should not have let you through.
Jetstar in Sydney advised us that this was jetstars fault due that the fact that we should not have been allowed to leave Australia
There has been $2500 spent on this holiday destroyed because Jetstar couldn't do there job
I will take this further if i do not get a satisfactory answer
Look forward to your response

Jun 07, 2018

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