Jetstar Airways / vouchers not being accepted online and no refund able to be processed

Booking Reference: KMBC3B

Flights to Bali booked with Jetstar booked for 5 adults booked October 2017 for travel dates 2-10 December 2017.

Above flights cancelled due to Volcanic activity. Jetstar advised money could not be refunded but could only be provided by vouchers.

- This has meant that we have to book 5 x $573.05 worth of travel or risk losing the money
- This is particularly difficult as we:
a) Do not want to travel at present nor have leave availability
b) The vouchers are limited to destinations only serviced by Jetstar
c) The voucher can only be used for 1 trip as opposed to multiple for the added total of $573.05

I spoke with your resolution team regarding this and they advised they could not help with a refund and we had to use the vouchers.

3 of the vouchers had an expiry of 21/8/18 and 2 for December 2018

- We managed to use 1 voucher to attend a family birthday in Sydney however when we tried to use the remaining 2 vouchers due for expiry on 21/8/18 for flights to Townsville the online system advised our vouchers were invalid.

- We contacted your resolution team once again and they advised that the vouchers had already been used for a trip to Townsville however this is incorrect as:
a) the system did not accept our vouchers
b) there was difference that needed to be paid and has not
c) we have no booking confirmation details etc indicating that the above had been processed

- We advised your consultants on the above via the online chat (as we had been advised by your customer service team that we could not speak to them about it and it had to be done via the chat system online) following which they disconnected our chat and we were unable to contact them any further regarding this.

We have been so disappointed and frustrated with this entire process and the lack of assistance from Jetstar. While I have been told by your customer service that the 'volcano was not jetstar's fault that is why a monetary refund cannot be provided'; nor was the volcano eruption our fault and now are being force to spend > $2000 on travel we can't afford to take or risk losing all the money. Furthermore, there are additional costs associated with the forced use of travel ie accommodation costs etc.

I have tried to speak with a number of your staff within customer service and the resolution team with nothing more than 'sorry we can't help you any further'. I would like my money refunded as this has been a debacle to sort with minimal assistance from the Jetstar staff.

Aug 21, 2018

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