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Worst experience of my life. Let's begin with the cancelled flight JQ91 Denpasar to Cairns at 2am while we slept on the floor waiting for more information which we found out on line before the staff could tell us the flight was cancelled. Rightfully put up in a hotel with breakfast and a small $10 voucher for refreshments. The main complaint is the most disapointing service I have ever received on an aircraft. No food. No alcohol. Not even ice cubes. A rude staff member told us there was a sandwhich or vegetarian salad remaining at 6pm - a dinner flight with no other food options other than snacks. My father and I had to share a half sandwhich together feeling terrible for the other 200 people who had to eat and feed their children too how awful. She then said she can't Comp a cup of tea or any snacks to help us out she couldn't do anything - the least your company could of done was provide people with some complimentary tea, coffee or snack to make up for the huge stuff up. She told us to complain and make this aware to you as I think she even knew this was a huge stuff up from cancelling our flight having 4 hours sleep!! Then getting onto the flight to find we have nothing proper to eat for 4.5hrs and running out of most of the alcohol after an hour. Jetstar really disappointed me and I have a flight to Melbourne in a few weeks time, I want to cancel it as I don't want to fly with our company again. I work in hospitality and sales so I do know a little about customer service and what can be done to make the guest happy. I am hoping for a response to show me your company really does care about its customers. It's been a very rough 24hrs and your company could of done a lot better to make the trip more enjoyable - on behalf of all the customers on board that flight.

Jul 25, 2018

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