Jetstar Airways / ground staff “bruce” snatch customer’s phone off her hand and deleted personal content!

I have fly with Jetstar domestically for many years and has always been a loyal customers. Does come across many bad reviews online from other travellers and friends in regards to delays and notorious bad customer service of Jetstar staffs but don't really take it seriously as i understand Jetstar staffs are human too and they can be under stress because of the environment they work in. Have many flights delays or cancel over the years which i accept and understand that's how budget airlines works and never really encounter any major customer service issue until a group of 5 and I travelled from Sydney to Melbourne on JQ521 on 23/07/18. Flight delay for 20 minutes which is not a significant issue. We managed to queue first in the line because we have 2 young kids (both age 3) with us and we wanted to settle them down on the plane asap. After waited for about 20 minutes, a ground staff name Bruce started announcing boarding but only from row 10 to 20. He then come up to us and ask if we are in those rows which we were not and he immediately tell us to step aside. I asked him if it is possible to let us board first as we have been waiting in line for a while and we have 2 very young kids that are tired and would be better to settle them in the plane asap. Also question that i have fly with Jetstar for years and have never heard or come across them boarding passengers by the rows. I do know if you fly internationally nowsaday, many airlines do have the boarding by rows system but this is surely not normal Jetstar procedure. Even if this is a new thing, there should be at least a sign stating that, which there is none. Without further explanation or even an eye contact, Bruce blush us aside. Fine, no worries, we can let others in row 10 and 20 to board first and wait at the side. After just less than 10 passengers have gone through, Bruce started announcing for the rest of the passengers to board. At that time, we thought finally we can board. But no, Bruce stop us and order us to re-queue again which at this time, the queue had at least 100 passengers behind us. I explained to Bruce we were actually first in the line at the start before he asked us to step aside, we are not cutting any queue and as he is now seating the rest of the passengers, why do we have to re-queue again. We also reminded him, we have 2 very young kids with us, just show some empathy and let us board. His explaination is our queue at the start is not valid as he is boarding other rows and we are not in those rows. He raised his voice at us not to argue with him in regards to this matter anymore and just go to the back. At this point, we gave up arguing and 4 of us went back to re-queue while my wife and son still stayed at the front. I later found out when we were finally seated inside the plane, that while my wife and son were waiting at the front, she wanted Bruce last name which he wouldn't give so she took a photo of him so that we can have a photo of the correct person if we choose to make a complain. Bruce notice it and physically snatch the phone out of her hand and deleted the photo. Wow! How is his action possible? isn't this criminal and amount to some sort of assault? My wife was shocked but it does not stop there as when Bruce shove my wife's phone back to her, he threaten to have all of us remove from flight if his photo is not deleted and for making any further fuss. There were six of us who is tired and wanted to o home and that's why she only informed me what has happened after we board the plane. That's also explained why he wanted all our boarding pass (which i felt weird at the time but did not think much) and went to his computer desk (maybe to put in a "file note" on us) in their system before we go through the gate. I can clearly tell Bruce's is not happy to work where he is now and he has a serious attitude problems, there is not a smile or a single word of welcoming when his is dealing with passengers (not just to us) at the gate. Being a team member of such a big international company, his customer service is Non-existent. No empathy or assistance at all with passengers with very young kids. Downright criminal for snatching my wife personal item (phone and deleted its content). A bully for threaten to have us remove from flight if we continue to complains and questions his action towards us. Why is this person even come to being employed by Jetstar in the first place. I am coming to a conclusion based on my experience and the numerous comments and reviews left in social media, that this is the customer services culture of Jetstar's staffs, which they don't give a damn about their customers, because when you fly with them, they knows they can threaten and might even have the power to actually remove you from flight. This could results in significantly disruption for your travel plan. So they treat you like castle, obey whatever they tell you to do, and if you dare disagree when you knows that you have been treated unjust and try to stand up to them, they will give you the whip and use the "will have you remove from flight if you dare to argue again" tactics. Managers on top sure knows about their own Jetstar's customer service culture because i believe they surely get this kind of complains too often. But if this is their culture, no amount of complain will change anything as management will never act. Bruce will get away with his treatment on us just like the many of his colleagues does everyday and he knows it. That's why he will continue to treat the many customers he will come accoss in the future badly. The only way to voice our complain of these mis-treatment by the vast majority of Jetstar Staffs like Bruce is to not fly with them anymore and to inform my family and friends to do the same. There are alternatives out there which price is not much different and might even be lower to theirs. At least you get some sort of respect as a paying customer.

Jul 25, 2018

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