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No you do not need credit. They only deal with people with bad credit. I must warn you, this is no joke. I went to the Pittsburgh, PA West Liberty Ave location on may 29th for an appointment to get a car. Let me tell you a little about what they do and how they try to scam you. Once again I am telling you that I am being completely honest. First off they know your credit is damaged and they want to get you into a car however they take full advantage of you and you will not be happy with the end result. I am a 26 year old male who only has $3000 worth of bad credit. Not bad I must say, I was just having trouble coming up with a down payment big enough due to my lack of/mildly bad credit so I went to them. First off every car in their lot was over 10 years old and completely filthy. After talking with Tiffany, one of their con artists, I laughed as I told them that I was better off just learning to save up enough for a down payment at a dealership. They wouldn`t let me pick the car out of their lot that I wanted and told me that any half decent car(with them only having two of them, 1 being a 2002 Grand Prix with 90, 000 miles on it and 2 being a 2000 Grand Am with 120, 000 miles on it) they wanted $2500 down for each. Beings that I only had $500 down, Tiffany told me that I can only be put in a 1999 Chevy Impala with 162, 000 miles on it and here`s the best part - the Kelly Blue Book value on the car was $1100!!! They told me that after all of the taxes and paperwork and mandatory warranty that only covers the engine, brakes and starter that the total price was $12, 319!!! That`s over $10, 000 more than the car is worth! Please avoid JD Byrider at all costs. Not to mention that before I turned them down they want 6 references and their numbers and addresses so they can attempt to call as many people as they can to locate the car if you are more than two days late on your bi-weekly payments. They also were asking me how much I can afford to pay every 2 weeks and then began asking me how many cigarettes I smoke per day and what not. I felt like I was at an illegitimate doctors office and I was someone dying of cancer. Please avoid them at all costs!

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  • Jb
      Jul 06, 2010

    Be happy you didn't buy a car from them. They are horrible, and when tey "fix" your vehicle they just make it worse ad break more things. Or when you take it in and tell them that there is something wrong with a certain part hey say oh no it's fine, then a few month's later the problem becomes bigger and it's not covered by their fantastic warranty, and yo ar eout $600 when you could have paid nothing. They just suck. Im am in the process ofspeaking with an attorny and getting all of the news channels to cover the JD Byrider con artists. DONT EVER BUY A VEHICLE FROM THEM IT IS NOT WORTH IT!

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  • Jd
      Jul 28, 2010

    Yes definitely be happy you didn't get the car!! Hey I also have a lawyer and want to contact news channels about them. Are you also in Pittsburgh?

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  • Bi
      Aug 05, 2010

    I was thinking about meeting those guys on Monday (8-8) well, after reading those posts, sounds like a very bad idea. Thanks for the heads up. I'll take my chances on Craigslist, or a reputable lot that accepts below ave. credit.

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  • An
      Feb 03, 2011

    I purchased a car from JD Byrider in January 2008 and my payoff was supposed to be in September 2011 and for some reason my payoff date has moved to December 2011 and nobody can explain why. I have paid a crazy amount of money for my car. Don't get me wrong they have done me right until now. I think it is crazy, how can a payoff date change by 3 months? All my payments have been made ON TIME every month. I have never missed a payment or been late on a payment and for them to do this is uncalled for. DON'T EVER BUY A CAR FROM THEM!

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  • Je
      Dec 15, 2011

    Don't worry, I won't.

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  • Ke
      Jun 17, 2013

    I agree!! Bought 2002 Nissan quest three years ago at monroevile pa location and it has been nothing but trouble. It completely loses power and I have to pull over and restart car. Which traveling on turnpike is dangerous. Almost hit twice!! The window quit working three months after purchase and they couldn't find part for two years!! Air conditioning has never worked but for a month which they won't fix. Also I paid for all new exhaust system as we as both cc joints and bearings which was not covered by warranty! Paid $16, 000 total after all paperwork was signed! I have spoken with just about everyone in dealership and no one will help including the general manager Kathy who originally sold me the car! I also tried calling corporate office and they just refer u back to local office!!! STAY AWAY HORRIBLE CARS THAT FALL APART! I know about ten other people with same issues!!!

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  • Ja
      Dec 01, 2013

    let me tell you i went there last year the jd byryder in west liberty ave pittsburgh, i was making 1400 a month i had close to 3000 in the bank i was wanting a car so bad, they literally threw the keys at me for a 2000 chevy cavalier 2 door with 99k miles on her, i took it for a ride they told me i can drive it up to the mcdonalds up on west liberty ave and back, it ran ok but i was highly so nervous and suspicious, i mean they took all my info, from my pay stubs i was like omg they wanted 12 references adresses phone numbers i was like omg, the lady who was there was like trying to keep me there fyi they chose car they felt was suitable in the lot when i liked another car, that rang a bell hmm i thought to myself, i swear i waited there they were truly pushy, when they told me all the stipulations i was like hell no, if you miss one pay on full coverage insurance they can get the car, if you miss one payment they take the car, they wanted 162 dollars every 2 weeks from me, i was like no no way, i felt trapped like they were tightening up a death hold grip on me squeezing me to get car, i was like i went outside mind you, they were like waiting for me pushing me to take this car with 750 dollars down payment, i was like something isnt feeling right something isnt right at all, thank god i was wise and as she was trying to push the pitch the sale the other guys were to, i said let me go outside and look around the car and see if i can give you my answer, i went outside and felt as if i was a teenager trying to sneak out of the house lol, i went outside and ran to the bus stop and never looked back, even after all that they were calling me and sending me mail, i told them to leave me alone that i bought a van off a nice little old lady and to stop sending me anything affiliated to there company, i will tell you they tried, let me let you know i was in there for close to 5 hours they tried, what a waste of a day while they were busy suckering other victims of there pitch with evil intentions beware of the claw the grip the twisted pitch, they will try and in the end you have to be wise of it all the mechanics well they are just there for the show ladies and gentlemen, and if you are willing and desperate well make no mistake, when they allow you to take it for a ride, do yourself a favor and take it to a mechanic you trust and let them let you in on your purchase

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  • Su
      Mar 19, 2015

    I got a car from them and they refused a payment they said I was late which I had the papers to prove I wasn't and repossessed the car the people that they used to repossess the car kept telling me they didnt have any available appointments for me to get my stuff everyday and then on day 30 told me my 30 days were up. I contacted a lawyer and won and then they didn't want to pay. This company needs to be shut down!

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  • Fr
      May 07, 2016

    Total predators i inderstand high interest for bad credit but selling cars well over value sometimes triple is unethical and they force you into the car they want to sell you. Saying thats all you can affcord. Service personel are rejects for the most part. I asked for my old parts back and they said there was a core charge i called there supplier and there was no core charge and then they couldnt find it. Believe i was charged for parts not installed

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