JCPenney / customer service representative at call center

San Diego, CA, United States
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I called on 5-16-17 needing help with resetting pass word to log in to my acc. I normally do all my transactions on line. But had locked myself from acc. E mail said to call customer service. I did and waited 18 min before someone answered. By then I was frustrated, as soon as I started to speak the representative hung up on me (Miriam).
I had no choice but to call back again, and wait another 19 min. Its ridiculous that I had to waste almost 40 min of my time to reset a pass word. Please coach your employees, if they don't know how to deal with customers they have no business in customer service. And believe me I'm so upset that I will be sharing this story with anyone who will listed. This is probably why stores are closing. Customers would rather shop on line and not have to worry about unhappy employees and bad attitudes.

May 16, 2017

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