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On [protected] I had a hair appointment at the JC Penney Salon with an associate named Natalia. (store 0671). I had brought in a picture of the style I had wanted and instructed her I wanted a wave in my hair and a dye. She proceeded to do the perm, which was left in for 30 minutes. She never checked my hair to see how it was doing. Anyway, she started on the dye after the perm, which I told her I could wait 2 or 3 weeks to get, but she said it was ok to go ahead and do. As she was taking the rollers out of my hair, she kind of muttered I didn't think they would take so well. She had used white rods. Unsure as to what she meant, I figured that after all, she had said that when the color was put in it would soften the curls. It did not. I looked like Shirley temple. Anyway, she instructed me not to wash my hair for two days. Which I did. But by that time, my hair turned into a fro. I went in that following Wednesday to get a refund (on haircut and perm, color was fine), and the salon manager wasn't in. So the manager from the retail store came and took pictures and had me write my phone number and name down so the salon manager could call me. She also took pictures of my hair. I have heard from no one. This is very upsetting as I have been going to this salon for years. Anyway, I ended up having to go elsewhere and have them try to fix my hair as best possible. It was very badly burnt and chunks had broken off. I can get witnesses to that. Please refund the perm and cut to my credit card. I ended up having to pay someone else to try and fix my hair. The following is receipt information. date [protected]; name Paula Coleman; associate 0779; term 381; trans 3955; time 205; another assoc no 0131. Your prompt attention to resolving this will be greatly appreciated. My email is [protected] Thank you.

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    Please let me know when you get this complain

Jan 13, 2017
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  •   Jan 14, 2017

    You washed your hair when she told you to wait two days, after a dye job and a perm, which instead of relaxing your curls and setting your color did the opposite, and you wanted a refund? Most people's hair can stand up to a perm and a dye job. Other's can not. Yours can not. Mine can not. Hell, my hair was melted once because I insisted on a color/perm combo. The stylist felt it would be ok, expecting you to be the norm. You did not object, therefore the condition of your hair is your responsibility.

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