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DO NOT ever purchase appliances from JCPenny! My husband and I purchased a washer and dryer a month ago. The sales rep offered for us to try to put the purchase on a JCPenny card for no interest for 3 years. We got approved for less than half the price of the purchase and paid for $800 of the purchase via our bank card.

They are not set up to take credit cards or debit cards for a purchase. They have you use your personal payment towards gift cards to then purchase the product because it goes through their ".COM" department. This explanation did not make sense but we went ahead and did it since we have shopped at JcPenny for years.

The order was split into two, between or personal payment the JcPenny card. Three days after our purchase we started receiving emails that there is a problem with processing our payment and to call as our order will be cancelled.

I called and was transferred at least 10 times and also blind transferred between the following departments; credit, .com, and small appliance and no one was willing to help.

We were told because it was two separate payments, and our JcPenny card was for $500, that the .com department charged $1.00 for each payment for security reasons. Again, this does not make sense. We were told we were charged $2.00 over our $500.00 limit so the transaction was cancelled. I offered to pay the additional $2.00 over the phone with my own credit card and they would not take it.

I finally reached Susan in the .COM department in Columbus Ohio who was the only helpful associate. Susan could not understand how this could happen and that they would lose a $1300.00 sale over $2.00. She apologized many times and explained that selling appliances was new to JcPenny. She got us on the line with credit and provided us with $70.00 in rewards to cover the $2.00 and the inconvenience. Credit still would not correct the issue. We provided our social security several times per JCPenny's directive to see if they would increase our credit limit to cover the $2.00 overage, and they would not. Now our credit has been checked too many times and we cannot get financed anywhere else to purchase a washer and dryer.

We received a call from someone in the small appliance department indicating that she had credit on the line and due to the inconvenience they are willing to increase the limit to finance the entire purchase. She also stated check was in the mail. I didn't understand what check is in the mail meant and she explained, because $800 of it we paid for on our own on gift cards, that a check has been issued to refund the money and she confirmed my address. This was a month ago and I am still out $800.00 and without a washer and dryer to do laundry for 3 small children.

When she put credit on the line and said she had already talked to them and is willing to finance us for entire amount, they once again did not increase our limit. I am not sure why she was so sure they would and certain they I was getting an $800 refund.

I was called by two separate managers and said they would have this corrected two weeks ago. No one has called or followed up with me. I am out $800.00, too many inquiries on credit and without a washer and dryer.

I am contacting an attorney and the better business bureau. This is such a convoluted mess and JC Penny does not know how to do business.

Do not use JCPenny for anything! I bought my clothes from them for years, but I will no longer use them for anything.

Mar 06, 2016
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  • Su
      Sep 21, 2016

    We just bought about 6 grand in appliances...Was told we could not pay cash also...Hmmmmm...Used debit card and now our checking account is locked and tied up due to their scamming and thieving ways. We first had a hold on our acct for the exact amount on our receipt. Next, little over 2 grand was taken out and nothing else...Then we had small amts like 249.00 and 619.00 and 10.00 that were debited from our checking acct. None of those amounts matched price of anything we bought...Tried to use debit card at gas pump and our card was declined due the activity on our account. Went to bank...Had them check account... They said they are trying to scam us and need to have fraud charges filed on them because they have a hold on our account for almost 500.00 more than what our receipt was for. Refrigerator was damaged upon shipping as well. So far all jc penney's will say is sorry, that's how it's done. What the hell?? so it's ok for your company to scam and steal from honest hard working people? that is how you do business?? we purchased these items september 1 and today is sept 21 and still nothing settled and my account is tied up thanks to them...Never never never never ever buy anything at jcpennys again...Beweare beware beweare beware

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