JC Penney Companyorder placement and receipt/lack of customer service

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I am not one to reach out to corporate media when voicing my concerns but if a response is not provided I will let this be shared over various media formats. It is time that companies wake up and listen to their customer's concerns:

I have been a JC Penney's customer for over 40 years. In my younger days I remember my Mom taking me to Penny's for numerous purchases! Our homes over the years had items from Penny's, dabbled amongst other retail providers. Over the years I have continued to support Penny's, even during a time when the CEO was not supporting the Brand as well as consumers had hoped (almost leading to its' demise).

On November 21st I made the decision to splurge on an item that I considered a luxury. You see, I hate dirty floors so over time I had convinced myself that I could purchase one of the automated floor cleaners that would miraculously sweep and clean my floors overnight. I have just moved into a new home and our new floors would be perfect for this type of product. On November 21st I placed an order for the bObsweep Pet-Hair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop. Priced well at $189.99, allowing me to try such a gadget without spending $1, 000.00. The purchase went smoothly. I received various notifications that the product had been ordered - shipped from the supplier - and was on its way. To my disappointment in December I find that these notifications were not true depictions of what was taking place. After numerous calls to JC Penny's customer service, this is what my experience was like:

• First agent on Sunday. Sounded as if I was putting him out when asking him to check the status of my purchase. It did not seem to be that much of a request since Penny's had already billed me approximately $211.00 for my purchase. I had received a notification that it was delivered but I had not gotten anything. I was told he would look into the issue and return my call with an answer. SHOCK! No call.
• The second agent on Monday sounded as if I had just woken him from a sound sleep. His interest in helping the customer was non-existent. He reviewed the account and confirmed the product has been "returned to the sender". He was going to make an inquiry to the "Corporate Office" (buzz word for I don't know what has happened but this will get the customer off my back), and that I would received notification in 24-48 hours.
• The third agent on December 11th informs me that the product was never available and that a credit had been applied to my account. No explanation as to what had taken place, as there were NO notes on the account.

I can share that this interaction with JC Penny's has confirmed my decision to end my shopping experience with this retail provider. I understand products can be over-ordered and unavailable for purchase, especially this time of year, but the way this transaction has been handled has made me question why I remain a loyal customer. The ironic twist is that I am a call center professional with over 30-years' experience, supporting various industries and the service level delivered by JC Penny's should make them embarrassed.

I will now continue my research and select another retailer when purchasing my auto-floor cleaner.

Dec 11, 2018

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