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On 11/24 I placed an order via phone. The order number is [protected]. It has not arrived yet. However, when tracking the order it has been tossed around Az. There are 18 moves that this order has made to date and it is not in my hands yet. I have never heard of this situation and I would like to know what is going on. This is surely not good business for JCpenney. I have been a customer for many years but have neve encountered this.

Dec 02, 2018
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      Dec 11, 2018

    Hello –

    I am not one to reach out to corporate media when voicing my concerns but if a response is not provided I will let this be shared over various media formats. It is time that companies wake up and listen to their customer’s concerns:

    I have been a JC Penney’s customer for over 40 years. In my younger days I remember my Mom taking me to Penny’s for numerous purchases! Our homes over the years had items from Penny’s, dabbled amongst other retail providers. Over the years I have continued to support Penny’s, even during a time when the CEO was not supporting the Brand as well as consumers had hoped (almost leading to its’ demise).

    On November 21st I made the decision to splurge on an item that I considered a luxury. You see, I hate dirty floors so over time I had convinced myself that I could purchase one of the automated floor cleaners that would miraculously sweep and clean my floors overnight. I have just moved into a new home and our new floors would be perfect for this type of product. On November 21st I placed an order for the bObsweep Pet-Hair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop. Priced well at $189.99, allowing me to try such a gadget without spending $1, 000.00. The purchase went smoothly. I received various notifications that the product had been ordered – shipped from the supplier – and was on its way. To my disappointment in December I find that these notifications were not true depictions of what was taking place. After numerous calls to JC Penny’s customer service, this is what my experience was like:

    • First agent on Sunday. Sounded as if I was putting him out when asking him to check the status of my purchase. It did not seem to be that much of a request since Penny’s had already billed me approximately $211.00 for my purchase. I had received a notification that it was delivered but I had not gotten anything. I was told he would look into the issue and return my call with an answer. SHOCK! No call.
    • The second agent on Monday sounded as if I had just woken him from a sound sleep. His interest in helping the customer was non-existent. He reviewed the account and confirmed the product has been “returned to the sender”. He was going to make an inquiry to the “Corporate Office” (buzz word for I don’t know what has happened but this will get the customer off my back), and that I would received notification in 24-48 hours.
    • The third agent on December 11th informs me that the product was never available and that a credit had been applied to my account. No explanation as to what had taken place, as there were NO notes on the account.

    I can share that this interaction with JC Penny’s has confirmed my decision to end my shopping experience with this retail provider. I understand products can be over-ordered and unavailable for purchase, especially this time of year, but the way this transaction has been handled has made me question why I remain a loyal customer. The ironic twist is that I am a call center professional with over 30-years’ experience, supporting various industries and the service level delivered by JC Penny’s should make them embarrassed.

    I will now continue my research and select another retailer when purchasing my auto-floor cleaner.

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