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At the Monroe Louisiana Jcpenneys location I purchased an green express hoodie that was marked down from 47$ to 23$ and I had the cashier ring me up for the hoodie she tells me it's on sale for 28$ and I told her there is a sign above the hoodies on the rack saying its on sale for 23$ and I offer to go grab the sign (which specifically says that brand name is on sale) and when I come back with the sign she reads it and types something in on the computer telling me it's going to be 24$ before taxSee the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Monroe, CT. I ask why it's not 23$ and she says she can't ring it up for that price. Not trying to get angry I paid for it at that price anyway but I am seriously not happy with how things went down. If you list something as a certain price you legally have to sell it at that price. Considering she was the only cashier I could find to begin with there was no way I would be able to find someone else who knew what they were doing. Hoping you will make things right.

Nov 07, 2017
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      Nov 07, 2017

    "If you list something as a certain price you legally have to sell it at that price."

    This is not always true unless your state has a particular law for this. Many states do not. Either way, I'm surprised you are this upset over one dollar. If you have a picture of the sign (or the sign is still up) and have your receipt, it likely they will be able to refund one dollar to you.

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