Jarir Book Store/samsung Galaxy Siipoor quality of feedback and service

J Feb 25, 2013 Review updated:

I bought a mobile of Samsung Galaxy Sii from Jarir book centre a established group at Saudi Arabia on 23.01.13 and on the fourth day itself showing the complaint of incoming and outgoing calls are functioning properly. Several times it was happen like that and pass the infromation at Jarir Service Point, they switch off and on then it work properly for two days. I return the handset on 09.02.13 and they gave me Job Order inform to me they won't open the handset just reinstall the software. But they alreay change the Motherboard of the set and gave me back on 19.02.13. Next day again it show the same problem and returnback to them on 20.02.13. Until now no response from their side. Now the technician are not qualified at Jarir to solve this solution. Never I ask them for new handset because electronic item may be complaints will occur, but it can't be rectified means feels ashamed to entrie Jarir team. Clearly says handset is belongs to Samsung but the Jarir have the certain responsibility for this issue and they have to make their customer satisfaction


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      Feb 27, 2013

    I agree with you,

    Jarir bookstore quality is getting poor, i bought an iphone 5, 3 weeks ago, the camera was not working, i reported to the seller, he took my appliance for 2 weeks and when i received it, the problem was not solved yet, he took it again, and yet, i have no proper feedback.

    I suggest that Jarir limiting their business by the core of books, because they are rubbish for electronics.

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      Apr 22, 2013

    Jarir Book store/Samsung S3: I bought new samsung s3 mobile last week in Jarir Book store @Olaya street. After i made payment security people asked moveout due to prayer time so i didnt get a chance to open the phone. But once reach home i open the box then got shock that the phone not having power/lock/rest button.
    next day i went to the same store the poor customer care person responed with out any responsiblity and switch is not cover under warenty.
    very poor management and customer care also selling defect product. let me know if you need more details about my experiance [protected]

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  • J
      Apr 13, 2014

    worst customer service personnals in qatar. I recommend not to buy any electronics from Jarir

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  • M
      Oct 26, 2015

    Jarir customer service is pathetic. I have never seen any customer service so pathetic. They only transfer calls and I have to wait and listen to the same sentence from the IVR forever. They dont even listen and just transfer calls. Please dont buy anything from Jarir.

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  • H
      Apr 02, 2016

    I agree u im bye lg g3 32 gb before 1mnth use only 10 days and phone is totlly dead jarir customer services is veryyy pooor plz dont bye anything in jarirbook store

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  • K
      Jan 09, 2017

    With all due respect, I would like to inform your poor service and miscommitment with the client.

    I sear if I will be in States or U.K, they will resolve my issue with apology.

    I have purchased Gopro Her 5 on 1st Jan-2017 at 11:05 PM, it was last display item, sales guy told me yesterday we kept here for the display purpose, I trust him and brought at my home, next day I left for Jeddah for my official meetings, when I came back and had a time to open, I was surprised that the box accessories were already opened, well I checked camera everything was okay except the camera pixels and opened accessories, so the same day at evening time I visited Jrair Khurais Branch and had a chance to meet Mr. Nawaf and Mr. Mansour from customer relation department, they registered my complaint and provided me the number [protected] and advise me to come tomorrow as our Manager Mr. Fahad Sawailam has off, well next day i visited at evening time and Mr. Fahad told me to come tomorrow evening he will try to resolve the issue.

    i called him to make sure his availability in the showroom and got to know that he will be available after Maghrib Prayer.

    meanwhile i have received the call from jarir customer care service and informed me sorry sir we can’t help you because you comeback on 6 day.

    Customer Service answer and support really disturb me, i don't want to waste my time to follow up and visit again and again for this small problem.

    But i would like to inform you, you will never success if you won’t meet with quality and customer request.

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