Jared Galleria / DO NOT SHOP THERE!!!

Sacramento, CA, United States Review updated:

Whatever you do make sure you DO NOT SHOP AT JARED'S!!! They will do and say everything and anything they can to sell you their merchandise then as soon as something goes wrong they don't even look at you when you walk in the door!!! Kirk and Peter (the so called managers) in Sacramento on Arden Way are nothing but a joke! Then you ask to speak to their higher-ups (corporate) and that is impossible! You can only write them a letter in which takes months to get a response. I swear trying to talk to corporate is like trying to reach the "GREAT OZ"!! I don't know how those animals sleep at night!

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      13th of Jan, 2011

    sounds like a bad job to me on the other hand craftbuilt has a great product if installed properly. The cement pad should of been covered with 3/4 inch foam then covered with 3/4 inch plywood to create thermal barrier the primmiter should be flashed properly before flore track is installed.Also you slould of had a proper heat pump installed to assist with heating and if no heat pump was installed your home furnace can only heat the area for the btu recomended, this would be like adding a second flore to your home and not up grading your heating system.Im sorry for your bad expearence and hope that your problem has been solved ther'es people that should'nt be doing this kind of work their tools should be taken away they make it harder for guys who take pride in their work

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