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Jacob Law Group / harrashment

1 Oxford, MS, United States Review updated:

i had a debt with them, but let me tell you what they did...they called my place of worship to try and find me i just cannot imagine it. i spoke to the young lady and told her that i amsure she was black and that i hoped she went to church and asked her how she would feel if sombody did that to her..i backed her into a corner and finally she realised that i was right..she put her boss on the phone who yelled and screamed at me. i have made payment arrangements. I AM TELLING YOU IF YOU OWE MONEY TO THE JACOB LAW GROUP PAY THEM AS THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO EMBARASS YOU AND STRESS YOU OUT... NASTY UGLY UNEDUCATED GROUP OF PEOPLE...

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  • Nu
      10th of Sep, 2009
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    Take them to court. They can not do anything that is not in line with the laws that govern debt collecting. IF they do brake the laws, and it looks like they did with you, you can sue them under the law and get thousands of dollars for their illegal activites dealing with you. Go for it. Write down everytime they call and what they say and do. Document document document. Get paid more then you owe. You can get rich off their lack of keeping the laws of the USA. Their is laws that protect you from this treatment. Go to and type in about Debt collectors and study the law on the net. Look this stuff up and be the one on top. They know most folks do not know to do this. So do it. Make some money and they will also remove bad things on your credit report too. The judge will make them. Sue them in small claims court too if you want. Filing fee is about 50 dollars. Be your own lawyer, it is easy. They will not show win! If they do show up, you win, becuase you have the law on your side. Bring your documents of how they did you. Document time and date and what they say and do. It is evidence in small claim court. In Florida it is up to 5000 dollars per case. per case. Take them all to small claims court and make them fix your credit and pay you instead of you paying them. They broke the law, not you. Chin up! Go for it! tw

  • Ad
      12th of Mar, 2010
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    I am always amazed at how uneducated consumers are. First and foremost, if you owe a debt, pay it. It is your legal, ethical and moral obligation. Secondly, you will NOT make thousands if you sue a company for a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The federal law has a cap of $1, 000 per action. An action is the actual suit, not per call or per violation. So, if you sue a collection agency and they do not counter sue you, you may get $1, 000 in damages should you win your case. Out of that you may have to pay your attorney up to 50%. If the agency counter sues you, you may be looking at a garnishment, judgement, lien, etc. I realize that times are hard, but YOU entered into an agreement to repay a debt. A collection agency is simply reminding you of the promise you made and have failed to keep. Why should your family and neighbors end up footing the cost of your broken promises? Every time someone fails to pay their bills, it simply causes the creditor to raise their prices, which means we all pay for your failure. Put yourself in the creditors position. How long would they stay in business if everyone simply failed to pay the bills they owe? How long would you work for your employer if they simply stopped paying you? It's time to grow up, put on your big boy or big girl panties and learn what responsibilities are. Be a productive part of society and pay your bills.

  • Vl
      10th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree with you both!! I just got a call from them on a bill I paid with another collection company. I knew I had the bill, but it was either pay a loan or pay my rent during the recession. When I got back on my feet to pay it had gone to a collection agency. I made arrangements with that collection agency and moved on with my life and then Jacob Law Group calls me out the blue yelling, baggering me, and being unprofessional. I really didn't understand what the hell was going on. You don't know what a person's situation is and if someone doesn't pay-it doesn't necessarrily mean they are avoiding a bill. However, an effective collector has respectful and professional skills in communication to make you want to pay. There are laws that protect us from unfair practices just as their are laws to protect creditors.

    We don't need another college student committing suicide because bill collectors are stressing them out when they should have given an unemployed young adult 7-8 credit cards in the first place.

  • Kl
      6th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree, they just called me and harrassed me, they were extremely unprofessional. Telling me that I'm am irresponsible, and that I should get a job like them. The lady asked me if i've ever been sued before, because i'm gonna be now. She even went as far as to telling me that she is a lesbian. Which has nothing to do with my debt. Well I'm a full time college student and a mother of three. I have a payment plan with them, but it's rough right now and i was unable to pay this past month, and I tried to pay some of it but she wouldn't let me do that and she wouldn''t let me talk to her boss either! I'm disscusted by these people.

  • Sm
      30th of Nov, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I just received a call from them at my job... when I told them yesterday that I am not willing to pay a higher amount for a motorcycle then what I agreed. Very nasty and rude. ..

  • Mr
      29th of Dec, 2010
    -3 Votes

    I work for Jacob Law Group. And yes, we can be quite brash here, but you have to understand that 90% of the people that we come into contact with are 10 times worse, and above it all, the still never pay their bills, no matter how nice we are to them. Just pay your bills people. It's that easy!

    Mr. Brown

  • Il
      6th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Mr Brown is your typical off the street sales person but with a bad attitude & that's what all of their employees are. He wants people to pay their bills but if you have no money then how do you do that? These uneducated fools get off on harassing people. They have no social skills and are completely unsympathetic.

  • Br
      27th of Jan, 2011
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    they are the rudest debt collectors ive ever dealt with. i am young and going through bankruptcy unfortunately and when i finally decided to pick up their phone calls after endless rude and harrassing voicemails, i talk to some trashy [censor]. she asked if i was aware of my debt, being polite i said yes but im filing it for bankruptcy and she proceeded to say "'re 23...and youre going through bankruptcy?" and she said it in a manner that was very mean and very rude, as if i was extremely pathetic. she does not know me or the massive medical bills i accrued without health insurance in the past few years. so i gave them my attourneys contact info and she asked me what chapter im filing and i answered and she immediatley hung up on me. enough said about how they handle their business there.

  • Mo
      8th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    To Mr. Brown who works for Jacobs. Just pay your bills, it's that easy. No, sir, it's not. I had a good job and paid my bills. But the economy and the oil spill in the gulf took my job, then my house, car and any respect I had for myself. I went from $40, 000 a year, full time to minimum wage at a dollar store. Sometimes things happen to people that are beyond their control and they become unable to "pay their bills". I love God, my family and my country. I am a good person compared to many.
    To all other readers, bankruptcy was created to handle people like Jacobs. They've contacted me for a "job" but it's obviously a ploy to corner me in their office. I'm not buying it. I'll declare bankruptcy and be protected from predators such as Jacobs, Santander and other collection agencies. I don't like it but I have a right to defend and protect myself and my family according to the law, morality and ethics.
    To Mr. Brown and other collection agencies, don't preach ethics, morality and law when you clearly have unethical, immoral and unlawful practices knowing full well to all you will get away with it. I'm surprised you people can sleep at night.

  • Jm
      14th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Numademan, it is not against the law to call debtor's work, place of worship, neighbors, friends, family, we can call anyone we want in till they ask us not too. It's not our fault that you make debt... Motorman- I sleep fine at night! Once you get off the phone it's over till the next day. Everyone has sob stories! I worked at JLG . Yes, people can be rude, crud and nasty.. But it's a job and if we didn't need to work we wouldn’t be there harassing people who "think" they have to have credit cards! Credit cards are STUPID! People that don't pay them are THIVES! Balm our government or the recession, in the end it was you, the debtor who signed your name get the credit card.
    *News flash people you don't have to have credit cards pay CA$H. I especial hate when people get gas cards and don't pay them.. It’s STEELING GAS. And I feel that people who don’t' pay their gas cards should have there license taken away it's no different then driving to pump and driving off with a full tank. (In less you pay what you owe).
    I was always told that I was too nice to be a debt collector by. I am 28 years old and I have never had a credit card! Life does and can go on without having them people... Bankruptcy is ridicules and I feel sorry when people have to file for the first time but there are people who file it 2, 3, even 10 times or more in a life time and no I don’t feel sorry for them it’s disgusting. But in all fairness credit card companies take young people who are naive and stupid and they candy coat the ideal of having them. To "Ilovespam" the majority of people that work at the JLG have a college education so it's not right for you to say that they are uneducated fools.. AT LEASE they are working and paying their bills... and yes, the job is beneath them but they do what they have too. The Uneducated Fool, is you! I fought for OUR country. I have gone to school and because I was unable to find a job with my degree I did what I could so how dare you!!!

  • Pa
      25th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had someone call me frm there. thenumber came up a sc area code, but the call back number they left was an 818 area code??? Also, in the voicemail, they left thelast four of my ss on vm, which does not even have my name on it, so how did they know it was my number...

  • Sc
      23rd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    i too had a credit card that ended up with jacob law group. i am in the process of trying to settle all my credit card debt without going thru bankruptcy. they would not work with me at all on monthly payments and wanted a lump sump of my debt. if i had the money to pay the credit card off i wouldnt be going thru a debt settlement program [censored]!
    so then they got a judgment on me and are seeking the original debt plus their lawyers fees...
    so at this point i have all my credit cards paid off and attempting to settle with jacob law group but they already have a judgment and wont accept anything but a lump sum of the entire amount.
    so it looks like they money i saved to try and settle the debt will now be used to hire a bankruptcy lawyer and stop the garnishment process...
    so i hope you like your payments spread over 5 years!

  • Un
      13th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    really, the debt collector on this post says hes educated...HA HA ..he cant even spell correctly and is obviously GHETTO TRASH.
    yea so he was in the military, so what..fighting for the united nations is not fighting for the united states of America which was never threatened to begin with. I was in the marine corps myself back when we actually lived in America which died in 2001.
    Tell ya what, try and collect the Credit CARDS I will never ever pay period. yes I am paying only five of seven accounts which I will pay in full in good standing..The two I dare you to collect fired American Workers and Hired Employees in the Philipines and India..WE MUST NOT SUPPORT THE BANKERS WHO RECEIVED BAILOUTS AT OUR EXPENSE THAT TURNED THEIR BACKS ON AMERICA..THEY WILL BANKRUPT THIS NATION AND BLAME THE UN EMPLOYED...SEE YOU IN CAMP FEMA..HA HA HA.

  • In
      28th of Sep, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Lol they threatened to garnish my wages when I don't have any... and the majority of people who work there are very "southern" sounding and can't spell (as proven in this complaint where managers are trying to defend themselves) In high school I defaulted on a medical loan and lost my job soon after, and will NOT be paying these people a damn dime. If they want to sue me, go ahead, waste your time because I have no assets to go after, the only money in my account is for child support and you can't touch that ;)

    By the way folks, you do know that these collection agencies NEED to be professional with you, right? They can't say degrading things... just audio record the entire conversation and if something like rude comes up, especially if it's discriminatory, you can take them to court and the whole debt would have to be paid off by THEM... just be sure to check with your state's laws. In my State you have to inform the caller that you are recording the conversation, or else it can get thrown out of court.

    It's not really an attorney's office, it is STILL simply a collection agency, with an attorney in office, but most collection agencies do have an attorney in office. These people are just miserable people who hate their jobs (can't say I blame them) and want to take it out on you. If you can pay your debt you should, but you shouldn't have to pay your debt over your food or housing. Things happen, people lose their jobs, become ill, or go through divorce, and the inevitable problem of debt occurs. With the way these people act, I have no pity not paying a dime.

  • In
      28th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    "We don't need another college student committing suicide because bill collectors are stressing them out when they should have given an unemployed young adult 7-8 credit cards in the first place."
    Amen to that. If you want to get paid back, then DON'T give out loans or credit cards to people who are barely legal, have no income coming in, and quite frankly, mostly couldn't care less about their credit score.

  • Ia
      12th of Dec, 2011
    -1 Votes

    To Invertedrose,
    Well you do not prove to be any brighter than the collector that you were mocking. It is called grammar school look it up! It is understood that things happen and that circumstances change however, have you ever tried to work with the collector. Not all collectors are bad but most debtors are. Do not get mad at the collector for something that you did.
    I do not like collectors either but when you pick up and hang up the phone instead of speaking with the collector or pick up already cursing who wants to work with you. I agree that some of the people at this firm can be very nasty but how does it hurt them if you do not pay your bills. Yeah... it doesn't!

  • Pe
      14th of Dec, 2011
    +2 Votes

    90% of the people who are writing in this blog have terrible grammar and/or punctuation skills. No wonder you dingbats are in debt. You have to pay your bills. End of story. No one cares about your house that was swallowed by the oil spill, your baby daddy leaving you, or you getting fired from your job. You agreed to pay this bill originally. That means it is your obligation. I wish all you ###s would go to jail for it because you are just as bad as the criminals who are locked up. Congratulations, however, on allowing debt collection to be the fastest growing industry in the United incompetent, thieving, ungrateful idiots. You should be thankful there is such a thing as debt collection instead of what happens in some countries. In other countries, if you don't pay your bills or your debts to people, you end up in a ditch on the side of the road. You're welcome ###s. Now keep feeling entitled to your handouts and discounts on items you purchased and do not have the decency to pay back.

  • Op
      18th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    Dear jms collector,

    Please learn how to spell!!! Since you think you are so smart and have the answers to everything, the least you could do is spell your words correctly!!! Like someone else posted, sometimes things happen to people that are out of their control and they want to pay their bills, but honestly cannot. The extremes you people go to to harass people who are already stressed enough should be against the law!! If you are proud of yourself and can sleep at night then that just tells me that you are the ### of the earth!!
    I hope one day you are in the same situation that the people you constantly enjoy harassing are in, and then, maybe you will know how it feels! Don't forget what they say about's a ###!!!

  • Ya
      20th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    Let me tell you how these a-holes did me. I have an old debt for a credit card from nearly 7 years ago for an initial $200. I kept the card for nearly 2 years, paying $35 or more a month for this $200.00, the company kept tacking on fee after fee until that initial $200 had ballooned to nearly $700. I told the credit card company they could go to the hot place, I wasn't paying anymore on that $200 which by now I had paid back 3 times over. Then after years I get a call from the legal crooks at Jacob Law Group saying I owe $1, 300, I don't owe u Chit!!! I have no business with JLG. You didn't loan me money and I didn't take anything from u, I paid my $200 debt as far as I was concerned. They hounded my parents for months, had moved from MS, After weeks of calling and me unemployed at the time I told them that I will do what I can when I can even though I owe them NOTHING. It's legal extortion and theft what they do. I found a job after about 6 month is only making $11hr here in Dallas which is not much and me and my family struggle to make ends meet every month. A month ago to get them off my back a agreed to start making payment on this bogus debt even though I can't afford it. I was even honest enough to give the Black lady there my actual CC#, a green dot card and will call to make a payment when I was able to put extra money on it to pay. They wanted an initial $200 then make monthly installments of $50, I agreed even though I was being raped and knew I would never have an extra $200 and made her aware of that but I will do what I can. On yesterday I call my car loan company and asked them to let me put off my payment till next week so I could pay these crooks something and buy some grocery. I had put all I had on my card on Monday, $180, to do this. I was gonna pay them at least $50 today but on yesterday, in the checkout at the grocery store, I swipe my card to pay and it was declined, know I had $180 I was confused and pissed. I come home to check my green dot account only to find that JLG made four transaction from my card yesterday, 4 debits of $10, $25, $50 and $90 leaving me with $5.77. needless to say I was murderously angry and frustrated. I called them this morning to explain to them the situation they put me in. I end up talking with the Black lady. I'm angry, hurt, and BROKE now, it was all I had. I tell her how hard it is and what my intentions were on the day they did this and what I did to be able to do it. I asked her if they could at least give me $50 of my dollars back so I can get to payday and get some thing for my home, I'm crying now, a 40 year old proud Black man, she seemed compassionate so she said hold on and she will talk to the Vice President and see if he will put $50 dollars back, she did and he said no he wouldn't...As hard as I work for my money, under paid, the struggles over the past few years and to be ROBBED by JLG is enough to make a man do some regrettable things, I told her to tell him that he can go to Hell and I meant it, , , but the Man Above will see to it that this firm pays for the hurt that they cause people and especially for the hurt they caused me because my God loves me and don't like it when I'm hurt when I love and have so much compassion for the world and for the people who are hurting out here unlike this Legal racketeering Law Group, , , I'm coming back to Mississippi and some things are gonna change, , , I will have the last say, , , , Jamie D. Henry, , , , Love The Spirit Of Nazareth

  • Pe
      18th of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Jamie D Henry can suck it. Bet you won't take out another $200 credit card. You can take your ### to DHS with your $5.77 and get some food stamps. Peasant.

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