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Ivory Smiles / Unauthorized billing

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I thought I was just sampling a product. Thats what the web site stated. I purchased the trial supply/sample online. December 17, 2008 my bank account was charged $4.99 + $1.00 I assume for shipping/handling and an additional $1.00 it stated for shipping insurance which I did not request.

That was fine though. I had no problem with those charges which were listed on a strip of paper included with the sample. It stated on the paper that in order to receive a refund you must obtain an RMA number within 15 days of the date you were billed. I didn't want a refund, after all it was just a sample. At least that was what I thought they were talking about. There was no mention of any additional product being mailed to me in the future, and it certainly did not mention anything about any additional charges to my bank account.

However, on January 12, 2009 there was an entry on my bank account in the amount of $88.97, charged for teeth whitening. I was furious. I tried calling them but the message said ''due to high call volume, my estimated wait time was 5 min, then it said 10 min, and then 15 min. I have not been successful in getting anyone at this fake company, after several attempts and have now receive another, sample/supply of the whitening 'stuff'. The product received itself is a joke. I think its a travesty and someone should do something about it. I am so furious. I would have never agreed anything like this if it was honestly stated upfront, but it was not. They are stealing. Its internet/online robbery.

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  • Lc
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    My story is the same. I thought it was a trial sample & then got billed 88.97. I am disabled raising my only grandson [8 yrs. old]; due to a car accident that took his parents. 20 days after I got the sample I was billed; which also, overdrew my acc., I am down $$125.00 ; which was grocery money. So, thanks a lot now we don't eat this month.

  • Di
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    I bought a trial offer from Movie Star Look. After receiving it, I decided it was not worth it, and cancelled. I had ordered it on January 4, 2009. On January 22, 2009 I received the same product from Ivory Smiles telling me that I had not cancelled after the free trial period. I never ordered from Ivory Smiles and do not know how they got my credit information. It is not coincidental that Ivory Smiles said I ordered on the same day that I ordered from Movie Star Look. Either they are one and the same and are scamming people or they hacked into my computer and stole my credit card information. I have filed a complaint with the FBI internet fraud as Ivory Smiles would not refund my money even after I told them I never ordered from them and never received a trial offer from them, but that their product and Movie Star Look are identical! They both insist they are not affiliated. So, all I can say is BUYER BEWARE!

  • St
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    I have had the exact same experience. I tried contacting Ivory smiles by email. The reponse I get is always -

    "The terms and conditions, which you were required to read and accept upon ordering clearly explained how the program works. If the terms and conditions were not agreed to, the website WOULD NOT process your order. We have thousands of customers who actually read these terms and conditions and either cancel their membership within the allowed time period, or choose to keep the product for many months. - Jeff Hayes"

    I have copied and pasted all of the complaints I have found and forwarded that with mine last email. I will also contact my credit card company and have them refute the charges. I hope you all do the same.

    Denver, CO

  • Ld
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    I also had the same problem but with me the weird part is that the $$88.97 charge that came on my card was listed as IWL*GENIXDIET...I weight 114lbs and surely did not order any diet products! The company has evaded this issue and insisted that I was incorrect. I also was told about their "policy" small print that was on the ordering site for the "FREE" sample. I was only supposed to be paying for shipping. I am going to do all legally possible to get my money back and get some justice in this matter!!!

  • Al
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    I have to agree with everybody I ordered a sample on-line and was charged an extra dollar that I didn't want. About 2 weeks later I saw an 88.97 on my account. I never received anything accept a sample. I have to wait until Monday to dispute it with my bank. What I want to they continue to charge in the future?
    New Mexico8

  • An
      2nd of Feb, 2009
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    The same thing is happening to me. I noticed right after I ordered that they keep switching their identity so they can not be tracked down and held accountable. I'm very angry. I contacted and canceled my order immediately even before I received a sample. I received two emails one saying it was canceled and then another email saying my "Brighter Smile Monthly Membership would be canceled. I NEVER ordered from Brighter Smile. I'm concerned that I may be billed again. I was billed for the sample and it was listed on my card as an herbal company. They keep switching identity so they can't be found.

    Here's what I'm doing right now. I looked up many of these companies domain registrations and I'm complaining loud. I looked up the WHOIS information on and it's not an e-commerce site and the site was not listed as secure. I've been doing a WHOIS search on many of them and many of them are listed with GoDaddy is very serious about scams and abuse so it can be reported. They have a link on their website to report. I know I'm reporting to them also so they can shut them down.

  • Ba
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    HASTINGS MN 55033


  • Ge
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    To cancel your account you must email our billing dept.

    [email protected]

  • Us
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    I also ordered a free trial from Movie Star Look and South Beach Smile. Movie Star Look illegaly withdrew $42.90 from my account and when I called their number, only a scam of a recording answered. South Beach Smile answered, but claimed their systems were down. I emailed both of them to cancel immediately and requested that Movie Star Look refund my payment in full.

    I've contacted my financial institution, have canceled my card, and will report them to every consumer protection group and fraud site I can find.

  • Ma
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    I also ordered form Ivory Smiles and I canceled as soon as I got it as I think $88.97 monthly is way too much to pay for teeth whitening. Well, I also got charged and when I e-mailed them, they said that I had not read the instructions for canceling(which I had) and not canceled within 20 days(it said 15 days on the instructions).

    I am still trying to get my money back!!(For products never received)!

    Do not order from this company!! It is a total scam!!

  • Cy
      22nd of May, 2009
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    United States

    My bank card has been charged $9.99 unauthorized by myself. I am requesting a full reund of this charge credited back into my ccount. I understand that you work in conjunction with Ivory Brites Whitening, however, I did not approve this charge. I was mislead by Ivory Brites advertisement for afree trial at $4.99. Your quick response to this matter will be greatly appreciated. Obviously, you have all the pertinent information to make this happen and contact me.

  • Jo
      15th of Oct, 2018
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    Ivory Smiles - product not received
    United States

    On 9/15 we ordered the OmniBrushâ„¢ | Intelligent Auto-Toothbrush. It says 5-8 business days for free shipping. It is now 10/2 and we have not received the toothbrush. I have emailed the company 4 times and no one will reply. I want to know the status of our order. I believe we have been scammed.

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