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This complaint is about X Factor 2018 auditions. We spent a fortune last week heading down to Wembley stadium for X Factor auditions after four months working closely with a researcher only to be old last minute after filming all day that there not seeing anyone else and we cant sing in front the judges. After months of preparation investing time, money and energy feel very annoyed. Attached you will find email from researcher stating filmed audition.

This is our complaint titled Official Complaint we sent to ITV, Thames, our researcher and other X factor team members to pass on:


This an official complaint about X Factor Auditions 2018 held at Wembley Stadium on 22nd July.

We know you may not be able to do anything but if you could pass this on would very much appreciate it.

We have to stress how very annoyed we are with last Sunday 22nd July.

1. We had to fork out more money to get another outfit just in case we couldn't use the outfit we came in which was not even needed.

2. We invested a lot on our image getting nails, hair done and outfit.

3. We was going to do our next music video for our next release but have had to put everything on hold because we have invested our time money and energy towards this day.

4. We have spent a lot of money on taxi fair getting to the venue and back.

5. We was going to use our own backings for covers but have had to buy them off the suggested websites instead for no reason.

6. Sapphire booked 3 weeks off work as email stated to keep dates available and has now used up all her holiday for no reason and can't get her holiday back.

7. Jade quit her job because she couldn't get time off work and has been doing voluntary just because she wanted to focus on the show and getting a through.

8. Audition dates should have been given in advanced so other family members friends could have planned as well as ourselves.

9. We had to spend time writing our lyrical cos to our songs and we had to do it quickly and we was not happy with our writing as it was messy.

10. Got there very early about 8:10am was waiting to perform all day was told by production staff we was due to be on in first half and got turned away last minute telling us there is no more space to see anyone.

11. Pre-booked taxi to and from venue which is £110 each way as soon as given date, so all that money has gone down the drain and you can understand how very angry are coming all that way to not perform on stage.

The crowd lining up was rooting for us and really excited to see us perform, whilst shooting with production we had a lot of people ask us for a picture.

We think it's a huge amount of our time wasted filming all day and a huge disappointment to the audience who couldn't wait for us to perform.

We hate letting people down when there is a high demand there.

We got a long so well with all the team working behind X Factor and did a lot of work with them which would have been good for the show and really enjoyed our time filming.

We just was one step closer to smashing it on stage and getting our reputation back and that was the whole point of the day else we wouldn't have came if we felt we couldn't take rejection.

It just feels like a complete waste of time after we have been rehearsing solid and preparing ourselves for the past few months.

We just feel like it's been a complete waste of time so we would like all videos of us not shown on TV including ones of us in background, a full refund on travel expenses to Wembley Stadium and back as it has been a complete waste of our day, money down the drain, time and effort.


Jade & Sapphire


Jul 28, 2018

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