Italo Treno / Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori / train departs 10 seconds after departure time!!!

I bought a ticket from rome to florence one week before my travel time and on the day I arrived 30 minutes before departure time at tiburtina station in Rome. Nobody was there to help. All the I formation stalls were empty. Absolutely no one spoke English. It was a nighmare to find the platform and where to go finally a security guy sent us to a wrong platform and by the time I arrived at the right platform it was 8:55 sharp which was the departure time on my ticket but the train just left in front of my eyes! I finally found a Italo desk and the girl behind the desk was extremely rude and told me it is mentioned in the site when you buy the ticket that the train departs 3 minutes before the departure time!!! I asked her to show it to me she spent literally 30 minutes searching the internet (there was a huge line of people behind me as I refused to drop the case) at the end she said I found it but it's in italian. Tada! I speak italian :) but again she refused to show me. At the end I had to spend 70 € for a last minute ticket. Does anyone know how I can arrange a complaint? In their website there's nothing about complaints!!!

Jun 07, 2018

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